Smith 2005 Monster

Title Information

Author: Abbe Smith

Title: The "Monster" in all of Us

Subtitle: When Victims Become Perpetrators

Journal: Suffolk University Law Review

Volume: 38

Issue: 2

Year: 2005

Pages: 367-394

ISSN: 0039-4696 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | U.S. History | Cases: Victims / Aileen Wuornos

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Additional Information

Author: Abbe Smith, Law Center, Georgetown University


  I. Introduction (p. 367)
  II. Aileen Wuornos: Victim and Perpetrator (p. 370)
    A. Her Life (p. 370)
    B. Her Crimes (p. 376)
  III. The Lack of Support for Wuornos (p. 382)
  IV. Male Victims and Perpetrators (p. 391)
  V. Conclusion (p. 393)

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