Smaal 2013 Incest

Title Information

Author: Yorick Smaal

Title: Keeping it in the family

Subtitle: Prosecuting incest in colonial Queensland

Journal: Journal of Australian Studies

Volume: 37

Issue: 3

Year: 2013

Pages: 316-332

ISSN: 1444-3058 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1835-6419 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: 19th Century | Australian History | Offenders: Fathers, Victims: Daughters, Types: Child Abuse, Incestual Rape

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Additional Information

Author: Yorick Smaal, Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security, Australian Research Council

Abstract: »This article examines forty-six criminal charges of lineal family sex crime in Queensland between 1870 and 1900. It finds that the special incest provisions introduced with increases to the age of consent in 1891 did not radically alter prosecution practices of father-daughter rape. While the new law did bring more cases before the courts, persisting cultural attitudes about the character and respectability of working-class girls, the dynamics of families under exaggerated paternal control, and the inviolability of the colonial family home continued to affect patterns of abuse and the regulation of incest in the last decade of the nineteenth century.« [Source: Journal of Australian Studies]

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