Shepherd 2005 Misery

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Author: Verene A. Shepherd

Title: Maharani's Misery

Subtitle: Narratives of a Passage from India to the Caribbean

Place: Kingston

Publisher: University of the West Indies Press

Year: 2005

Pages: 208pp.

ISBN-13: 9789766401214 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 19th Century | English History, Indian History | Cases: Offenders / Robert Ipson; Cases: Victims / Maharani; Types: Interracial Rape

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  List of Illustrations (p. ix)
  List of Tables (p. x)
  Cast of Characters (p. xi)
  Preface (p. xiii)
  Introduction (p. xvi)
  Part I
  1 Indian Women and Labour Migration: Background to Maharani's Passage from India (p. 3)
  2 Journey Interrupted: Maharani's Death on the Allanshaw (p. 33)
  3 Investigating the Complaint of "Criminal Assault" (p. 45)
  Conclusion (p. 74)
  Part II
  Appendices: Minutes of Evidence Taken before the Commission of Enquiry in Colonial Guyana
  Appendix 1   Surgeon-Superintendent Dr E.A. Hardwicke (p. 83)
  Appendix 2   Captain Frederick C. Wilson (p. 88)
  Appendix 3   William Urquhart (Sailmaker) (p. 91)
  Appendix 4   Mohadaya (Return Emigrant) (p. 93)
  Appendix 5   Moorti (Return Emigrant) (p. 95)
  Appendix 6   Golap (Nurse) (p. 96)
  Appendix 7   James T. Grant (Assistant Compounder) (p. 97)
  Appendix 8   Robert Ipson (Able Seaman) (p. 101)
  Appendix 9   John Smith (Able Seaman) (p. 106)
  Appendix 10   James T. Grant (Recalled) (p. 109)
  Appendix 11   G.W. de la Mare (Chief Officer) (p. 110)
  Appendix 12   Alexander Bain (Able Seaman) (p. 115)
  Appendix 13   William Lee (Able Seaman) (p. 119)
  Appendix 14   Walter R.S. Stokes (Third Officer) (p. 122)
  Appendix 15   August Makohl (Engineer) (p. 126)
  Appendix 16   Joseph Warner (Able Seaman) (p. 128)
  Appendix 17   Captain F.C. Wilson (Recalled) (p. 130)
  Appendix 18   Lutchmun (Return Emigrant) (p. 132)
  Appendix 19   Heerdayaram (Hospital Attendant) (p. 135)
  Appendix 20   William Clintworth (Cabin Boy) (p. 137)
  Appendix 21   James T. Grant (Recalled) (p. 138)
  Appendix 22   William Leslie (Steward) (p. 139)
  Appendix 23   Ramkhelawan (Sirdar) (p. 142)
  Appendix 24   Dr Finlayson (MD) (p. 144)
  Appendix 25   Chitamun (Passenger) (p. 146)
  Appendix 26   James T. Grant (Third Deposition) (p. 147)
  Notes (p. 154)
  Bibliography (p. 165)
  Index (p. 174)

Description: »Maharani's Misery is a documentary study of a particular woman labourer on her way from Calcutta to Guyana in 1885. The author says this book is an effort to contribute to the excavation of gender-differentiated data of the indenture experience, and of "the exercise of social power and authority, through the medium of socio-sexual manipulation, by empowered males over less empowered women."« (Source: University of the West Indies Press)

Reviews: de Barros, Juanita. The Journal of Caribbean History 40(2) (December 2006): 329.

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