Shadley 2013 Scandal

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Author: Robert D. Shadley

Title: The GAMe

Subtitle: Unraveling a Military Sex Scandal

Place: Edina, MN

Publisher: Beaver's Pond Press

Year: 2013

Pages: 315pp.

ISBN-10: 1592989969 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

ISBN-13: 9781592989966 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | U.S. History | Cases: Others / Aberdeen Scandal; Types: Work-Related Rape

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  1 My New Assignment Begins
  2 Our Soldiers report Sexual Misconduct
  3 The "Game" Is Discovered
  4 The Problem Grows
  5 The Problem Is Taken Public
  6 As Media Spotlight Shines on Aberdeen
  7 The Pentagon Takes Charge
  8 The Race Issue Surfaces
  9 Multiple Agendas Take Shape
  10 Agendas Move to Center Stage
  11 Our Soldiers Are Taken Advantage Of
  12 Congressional Visits Contines
  13 The Mother of All Trials Begins
  14 We Are Walking Point for the Army
  15 The Army Struggles with Accountability
  16 Aberdeen Is Not the First Sex Scandal
  17 "It's Not Easy Being Green"
  18 I See the Bus Coming
  19 The View from Under the Bus Is Ugly
  20 The Bus Rolls On
  21 A Family Decision Keeps Me In
  22 The Finish Line Doesn't Exist
  23 One Smal Personal Victory Is Won
  24 There Is Life ager the Army
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»Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, 1996: The U.S. Army’s most extensively reported sexual abuse scandal on record is uncovered by Major General Robert Shadley.
Known as GAM, or “Game ala Military,” an entire network of senior male instructors is in competition to sexually assault and exploit the young female trainees in their charge. Immersed in a battle unlike anything he’d been trained to fight, Shadley must unravel the game, bring the players to justice, and get help for a record number of victims.
Now retired, Major General Shadley continues to advocate for the estimated 19,000 military service members who are sexually assaulted each year. In this gripping story, he sheds light on a problem that’s still sadly far from being solved, and provides lessons in real leadership through crisis.« (Source: Beaver's Pond Press)

Wikipedia: Sexual assault in the United States military: Aberdeen scandal

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