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Author: Michael Salter

Title: Organised Sexual Abuse

Subtitle: -

Place: New York, NY

Publisher: Routledge

Year: 2013

Pages: 208pp.

ISBN-13: 9780415689779 (hbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9780203082188 (ekb.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st Century | Types: Child Sexual Abuse


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Author: Michael Salter, School of Social Sciences and Psychology, University of Western


  Acknowledgements (p. viii)
  Introduction (p. 1)
    Terminology (p. 6)
  Chapter 1. A subject of smoke and mirrors: Understanding organised abuse (p. 9)
    Conflicting approaches to organised abuse (p. 12)
    Criminality and violence as a gendered practice (p. 16)
    Masculinity and sexual offending (p. 18)
    Abuse, domination and intersubjectivity (p. 20)
    Organised abuse as a collective masculine performance (p. 22)
    Conclusion (p. 24)
  Chapter 2. Organised abuse cases: Network, institutional, familial and ritual (p. 26)
    The limitations of data on organised abuse (p. 26)
    Research into organised abuse (p. 27)
    Netword abuse (p. 29)
    Institutional organised abuse (p. 31)
    Familial organised abuse (p. 33)
    Ritualistic abuse (p. 36)
    Gender, age and power in organised abuse (p. 39)
    Conclusion (p. 42)
  Chapter 3. The historical context: Liberalism, libertinism and ideologies of masculine sexuality (p. 44)
    Ideologies of masculine sadism (p. 45)
    Liberalism, gendre and sexual violence (p. 46)
    From liberalism to libertinism (p. 50)
    The Marquis de Sade and libertine excess (p. 51)
    Sadean abuses in contemporary society (p. 54)
    Conclusion (p. 57)
  Chapter 4. Organised abuse and the pleasures of disbelief (p. 59)
    The rise of the 'false memory' movement (p. 60)
    The construction of 'satanic ritual abuse' (p. 62)
    The pleasures of disbelief (p. 67)
    The consequences of the pleasures of disbelief (p. 70)
    Conclusion (p. 72)
  Chapter 5. Down the rabbit hole: My story (p. 74)
    Being a friend (p. 76)
    Being a carer (p. 79)
    Being an advocate and academic (p. 85)
    Conclusion (p. 87)
  Chapter 6. The experiences of survivors: Extraordinary crimes of everyday life (p. 88)
    Renee's story (p. 89)
    Power and abuse in the home (p. 92)
    Abuse in schools, churches and residential care (p. 96)
    The continuum of abuse and powerlessness (p. 98)
    Conclusion (p. 102)
  Chapter 7. Living in two worlds: Familial organised abuse (p. 104)
    Private abuse, public facade: dissociation and the public-private divide (p. 105)
    Paternal domination (p. 109)
    Maternal complicity (p. 110)
    When one parent doesn't know: the complexities of deceit and denial (p. 114)
    The colonisation of family relations by organised abuse (p. 116)
    'It's all a bad dream': parental faciliation of abusive incidents (p. 122)
    Conclusion (p. 125)
  Chapter 8. Sadistic abuse: Control, violence and pleasure in organised abuse (p. 127)
    Grooming and processes of control (p. 128)
    Sadism and internal colonisation (p. 132)
    Conclusion (p. 137)
  Chapter 9. Ritual and torture in organised abuse (p. 139)
    Ritualistic abuse and deviant scripturalism (p. 140)
    From object to adject: dehumanisation in ritualistic abuse (p. 144)
    Rationalising ritual abuse: coercing victim consent for their own abuse (p. 148)
    The use of torture to inscribe and trigger obedience (p. 151)
    Conclusion (p. 155)
  Chapter 10. Sexual murder and reproductive harm: The outer limits of organised sexual abuse (p. 157)
    Sexual murder (p. 160)
    Reproductive harm and infanticide (p. 163)
    Conclusion (p. 170)
  Conclusion (p. 171)
  Appendix: Research methodology (p. 177)
    The interviews (p. 178)
    Transcription and analysis (p. 179)
  Bibliography (p. 181)
  Index (p. 199)


»Organised Sexual Abuse offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary investigation of this phenomenon. Since the early 1980s, social workers and mental health professionals around the globe have encountered clients reporting sexual abuse by organized groups or networks. These allegations have been amongst the most controversial in debates over child sexual abuse, raising many unanswered questions. Are reports of organized abuse factual or the product of moral panic and false memories? If these reports are true, what is the appropriate response? The fields of child protection and psychotherapy have been polarised over the issue. And, although cases of organized abuse continue to be uncovered, a reasoned and evidence-based analysis of the subject is long overdue.
Examining the existing evidence, and supplementing it with further qualitative research, in this book Michael Salter addresses: the relationship between sexual abuse and organized abuse; questions over the veracity of testimony; the gap between the policing response to sexual abuse and the realities of child sexual exploitation; the contexts in which sexually abusive groups develop and operate; the role of religion and ritual in subcultures of multi-perpetrator sexual abuse; as well as the experience of adults and children with histories of organized abuse in the criminal justice system and health system. Organized Sexual Abuse thus provides a definitive analysis that will be of immense value to those with professional and academic interests in this area.« (Source: Routledge)

Interview: Sapucaia, Annie, et al. »Organised Sexual Abuse.« New Books in Sociology (May 7, 2014).


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