Saikia 2011 Violence

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Author: Yasmin Saikia

Title: War as History, Humanity in Violence

Subtitle: Men, Women, and Memories of 1971, East Pakistan/Bangladesh

In: Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones: From the Ancient World to the Era of Human Rights

Edited by: Elizabeth D. Heineman

Place: Philadelphia, PA

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

Year: 2011

Pages: 152-169

Series: Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights

ISBN-13: 9780812243185 (cloth) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9780812222616 (paper) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9780812204346 (ebook) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Bangladeshi History, Pakistani History | Types: Wartime Rape / Bangladesh Liberation War

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Author: Yasmin Saikia, School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, Arizona State University

Abstract: »By collecting and disseminating testimonies of both victims and perpetrators in that same war, Yasmin Saikia in Chapter 9 complicates the role of the person bringing the stories to a larger public. No longer solely associated with the victims, she must acknowledge a relationship with the perpetrator and inquire into the humanity of victim, perpetrator, and historian alike.« [Elizabeth D. Heineman. »Introduction: The History of Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones.« Sexual Violence in Conflict Zones: From the Ancient World to the Era of Human Rights. Edited by Elizabeth D. Heineman. Philadelphia 2011: 16]


  History and Markers: Inscribing Violence (p. 155)
  State Silence, Women's Speech (p.158)
  Questioning Humanity, Men's Talk (p. 163)
  In Conclusion> Humanitz of the "Other" (p. 167)

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