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Author: Abigail C. Saguy

Title: Employment Discrimination or Sexual Violence?

Subtitle: Defining Sexual Harassment in American and French Law

Journal: Law & Society Review

Volume: 34

Issue: 4

Year: 2000

Pages: 1091-1128

ISSN: 0023-9216 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1540-5893 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | American History: U.S. History; European History: French History | Prosecution: Laws; Types: Sexual Harassment



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Author: Abigail Saguy, Department of Sociology, University of California at Los Angeles – Author's Personal Website, ResearchGate


  Introduction (p. 1092)
  Data (p. 1095)
  Different Bodies of Law, Frame, Scope, and Remedy (p. 1096)
    The United States (p. 1096)
      Sexual Harassment as Sex-Based Discrimination in Employment (p. 1096)
      American Law Covers a Wide Range of Sexual Behavior at Work (p. 1096)
      American Law Allows Plaintiffs to Sue Employers (p. 1096)
    France (p. 1098)
      Sexual Harassment as Sexual Violence (p. 1098)
      French Law Is Restricted to Abuse of Power, but Not Only in the Workplace (p. 1099)
      French Penal Law Allows for Jail, Fines, and Modest Civil Reparations (p. 1099)
      French Labor Law Allows Victims of Employment Retaliation to Claim Pack Pay (p. 1099)
  American Law: A Product of Activism and Opportunity (p. 1100)
    American Feminists Raise Consciousness about "Sexual Harassment" (p. 1101)
    Title VII Offers American Feminists a Political Opportunity (p. 1102)
    Courts Build Sexual Harassment Jurisprudence on Racial Discrimination Case Law (p. 1104)
    Limitations of Title VII Shapes Sexual Harassment Jurisprudence (p. 1108)
  French Law: A Product of Activism and Opportunity (p. 1109)
    Freminist Associations Plant Seeds for French Law (p. 1110)
    Penal Code Reform Offers Feminists a Legal Opportunity (p. 1111)
      The European Union Proves an Important Ally (p. 1112)
      State Feminists Compromise to Pass the Bill (p. 1113)
      State Feminists Compromise to Pass Sexual Harassment Legislation (p. 1114)
      During the Legislative Process, Statute Is Moved to the Section on Sexual Violence (p. 1115)
    Passage of 1991 Penal Law Statute Paves Way for Labor Law Statute (p. 1116)
    France's 1998 Penal Reform (p. 1116)
    Political Traditions of Denouncing Abuse of Authority: A Cultural Resource (p. 1117)
    A Question of Time? (p. 1118)
  Conclusion (p. 1119)
    Borrowing Policy from Other Countries: Pitfalls and Promises (p. 1121)
  References (p. 1122)
  Cases Cites (p. 1127)
  Statutes, Laws, and Guidelines Cites (p. 1127)
    United States (p. 1127)
      Statutes (p. 1127)
      Guideline (p. 1127)
      Proposed Bill (p. 1127)
    France (p. 1127)
      Penal and Labor Code (p. 1127)
      French Laws (p. 1128)
    European Union (p. 1128)
      Directive (p. 1128)
      Recommendation (p. 1128)

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