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Author: Frédéric Rousseau

Title: Sexes en guerre et guerre des sexes

Subtitle: Les viols durant la guerre d'Algérie (1954-1962)

Journal: Deportate, esuli, profughe: Rivista telematica di studi sulla memoria femminile

Volume: -

Issue: 10

Year: March 2009

Pages: 29-47

ISSN: 1824-4483 – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: French

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | African History: Algerian History; European History: French History | Types: Wartime Sexual Violence / Algerian War


Link: Deportate, esuli, profughe (Free Access)


Author: Frédéric Rousseau, Centre de Recherches Interdisciplinaires en Sciences Humaines et Sociales de Montpellier (Center of Interdisciplinary Researches in Human and Social Sciences of Montpellier), Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3 (University of Montpellier) – Wikipedia

Abstract: »By examining the case of rapes of Algerian women perpetrated by French soldiers during the French Algerian War (1954-1962) this paper tries to examine the contexts that allowed the rapes to happen, even though during this war rape was not a war tactic. In order to understand rapes in the Algerian War one must first take into account the colonial contest and how rape was considered at that time by the civil French society.« (Source: Deportate, esuli, profughe)


  Guerre d'Algérie (1954-1962): le viol, une torture dans la torture... (p. 31)
  Les contextes "facilitateurs" et le rôle central des cadres subalternes de l'armée (p. 33)
  Un contexte colonial et méditerranéen (p. 37)
  Le corps comme lieu de bataille (p. 39)
  Sexes en guerre et guerre des sexes (p. 41)
  Le viol dans la société française de métropole (p. 45)

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