Rossiaud 1976 Prostitution

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Author: Jacques Rossiaud

Title: Prostitution, Jeunesse et Société dans les Villes du Sud-Est au XVe Siècle

Subtitle: -

Translation: Prostitution, Youth, and Society in the Towns of Southeastern France in the 15th Century

Journal: Annales. Économies, Sociétés, Civilisations

Volume: 31

Issue: 2

Year: March-April 1976

Pages: 289-325

ISSN: 0395-2649 – Find a Library: WordCat eISSN: 1953-8146 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: French

Keywords: 15th Century | French History

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Abstract: »Prostitution, flourishing and official, and sexual violence in the form of collective rapes committed by young men of the town were the two apparently contradictory phenomena which affected city life in southeastern France in the 15th century. The author explains such behavior by an analysis of the matrimonial structures: middle-aged men, successful rivals of the younger men on the marriage market, provided the latter with municipally controlled fornication (the sexual needs of fellow bachelors were well understood). They accepted and supervised the noisy but socialized functions of the young men's fraternities. Thus, until the beginning of the 16th century, prostitutes were not excluded from society: they acted as mediators for clerics as well as for persons of distinction, bearing witness to humanity's sad condition but helping in the fight against vice and violence.« (Source: Historical Abstracts)


  I. Structures et ampleur de la prostitution urbaine (p. 289)
  II. Ordre sexuel, subversions juvéniles et institutions médiatrices (p. 292)
    A. La violence sexuelle (p. 293)
    B. L'ordre matrimonial (p. 294)
    C. Groupes d'âge, rites collectifs et institutions médiatrices (p. 296)
    D. Foncitons médiatrices (p. 298)
  III. Les proies et leur destin : victimes maquerelles et prostituées (p. 300)
    A. Les conséquences du viol (p. 300)
    B. Proxénétisme et maquerellage (p. 301)
    C. Filles secrètes et prostituées publiques (p. 303)
  IV. Prostitution et société (p. 305)
    A. La clientèle : jeunes et moins jeunes (p. 305)
    B. Prostitution et mentalités collectives (p. 307)
  Notes (p. 312)

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