Roets 1982 Misdaad

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Author: Anne-Marie Roets

Title: Misdaad en Straf te Gent in de 18de Eeuw

Subtitle: -

Translation: Crime and Punishment in Ghent in the 18th century

Journal: Spiegel Historiael. Maandblad voor Geschiedenis en Archeologie

Volume: 17

Issue: 10

Year: October 1982

Pages: 528-533

ISSN: 0038-7487 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Dutch

Keywords: 18th Century | Belgian History

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Abstract: »During the 18th century, social and economic changes significantly altered the patterns of criminality and the social responses to crime. Crimes of violence and offenses against public order were notably less common in municipal records and crimes against property and sexual offenses more common. Social conditions and attitudes as well as the priorities of government must account for these changes. New attitudes toward punishment after 1750 indicate the emergence of a new social politics for Ghent.« (Source: Historical Abstracts)

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