Robinson 2014 Feminism

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Author: Sophie Robinson

Title: Gendered Claims

Subtitle: Men in feminism in 1980s Australia

Journal: History in the Making

Volume: 3

Issue: 1

Year: 2014

Pages: 60-73

ISSN: 2200-4777 – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Australian History | Society: Anti-Rape Movement

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Abstract: »This article examines the role that men played in the feminist project in Australia during the 1980s, a time of increased public awareness and institutional presence of feminist politics. It will show that the 1980s was a period of growing concerns about the feminisation of Australian society, and in particular the workplace. This prompted many men and some women throughout Western societies to scapegoat feminism as the reason for their sense of gendered displacement. Motivated by media representations of feminism as anti-men, some men began making gendered claims; that is, claims about the specific interests, status, and possible crisis of men and masculinity. Of interest to this article is the way that such claims were aided by the very language and theories of feminism that were encouraging individuals to reassess their identity and values. Gendered claims took a variety of forms in this decade, and this article is concerned with those forms that signified a continued interrogation and positive engagement with feminism by men which challenged the backlash rhetoric of this decade. In presenting these examples I highlight the at times ambiguous and contested presence of men alongside feminist debates and practices of the 1980s as nonetheless integral to the history of contemporary Australian feminism.« [Source: History in the Making]


  Backlash Politics (p. 64)
  Gender in the Academy (p. 66)
  R. W. Connell (p. 67)
  Male victimhood and therapy (p. 69)
  Men Against Sexual Assault (p. 70)

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