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Author: Jacinda Read

Title: The new avengers

Subtitle: Feminism, femininity and the rape-revenge cycle

Place: Manchester and New York

Publisher: Manchester University Press

Year: 2000

Pages: viii + 290pp.

Series: Inside Popular Film

ISBN-10: 0719059046 (hbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-10: 0719059054 (pbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | American History: U.S. History | Representations: Films; Victims: Revenge


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  Plates (p. vi)
  Acknowledgements (p. vii)
  Part I
Feminism and popular culture (p. 3)
    The structure of the book (p. 13)
    Notes (p. 19)
  Chapter 1
Narratives of transformation: the rape-revenge cycle (p. 22)
    Notes (p. 53)
  Chapter 2
From romance to revenge: Sleeping with the Enemy (p. 58)
    Notes (p. 72)
  Part II
  Chapter 3
Rape-revenge and mass cultural fictions of femininity: from the silent era to 1979 (p. 77)
    Rape (p. 77)
      The silent era, 1915-29 (p. 77)
      The sound era, 1930-1970 (p. 84)
      Rapists and their victims (p. 90)
    Transformation (p. 92)
    Revenge (p. 94)
    Notes (p. 97)
  Part III
  Chapter 4
Popular film/popular feminism: the critical reception of the rape-revenge film (p. 103)
    The Accused (p. 104)
    Thelma and Louise (p. 111)
    Notes (p. 120)
  Chapter 5
Frontier femmes: rape-revenge and the western (p. 125)
    Variations on vengeance: frontier femmes and the vengeance variation (p. 127)
    Hard women and soft men: post-modernism, post-feminism and backlash (p. 140)
    Notes (p. 150)
  Part IV
  Chapter 6
Rape-revenge in post-modern Hollywood (p. 155)
    Having it all: The Last Seduction (p. 159)
    Of vamps and avengers: Batman Returns (p. 175)
    Notes (p. 199)
  Chapter 7
From feminism to family values: the maternal avenger (p. 205)
    The maternal avenger and the vigilante-mom made-for-TV film (p. 208)
    Melodrama and the maternal avenger (p. 217)
    Notes (p. 237)
Textual and theoretical negotiations (p. 241)
    Notes (p. 254)
  Filmography of primary texts (p. 257)
  Filmography of secondary texts (p. 263)
  Bibliography (p. 265)
  Index (p. 283)


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