Porter 2013 Victims

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Author: Janine K. Porter

Title: Conceived in Rape

Subtitle: The Forgotten Victims of Rape

Thesis: M.A. Thesis, Pacifica Graduate Institute

Year: 2013

Pages: 113pp.

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Victims: Rape Children

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Abstract: »This production thesis explores the psychological effects of being born from rape. Until now, those conceived in rape have been recognized only in research addressing rape-genocide as a by-product of war, the focus being on the pregnant rape survivors, not on the resulting children. Beyond the lack of support available to this population from the mental health community and the antirape movement, there is a notable lack of scholarly research on this population. Using hermeneutic and grounded theory methodologies, this thesis begins to fill this gap, focusing on the forgotten victims of rape: the children born of rape. This thesis recognizes those conceived in rape as an underserved population in mental health, initiates the psychological exploration of their particular struggles, and offers Conceived in Rape: A Handbook for the Forgotten Victims of Rape to better support these individuals and to more aptly equip the professionals working therapeutically with this population.« [Source: ProQuest]


  Chapter I. Introduction (p. 1)
    Area of Interest (p. 1)
    Guiding Purpose (p. 2)
    Rationale (p. 2)
    Methodology (p. 3)
      Research Problem and Question (p. 3)
      Methodologies (p. 4)
    Overview of Thesis (p. 4)
  Chapter II. Literature Review (p. 7)
    Introduction (p. 7)
    Historical Overview of the Transmission of Trauma (p. 8)
      Sigmund Freud's Borrowed Unconscious Sense of Guilt (p. 8)
      Sándor Ferenczi's Concept of the Unwanted Child (p. 10)
    Types and Definitions of Transmission (p. 13)
      Transgenerational Transmission of Trauma (p. 13)
      Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma (p. 14)
      Second-Generation Survivor Syndrome (p. 14)
      Second-Generation Perpetrator Syndrome (p. 16)
      The Empty Circle and Phantom Pain (p. 16)
    Holocaust Literature (p. 19)
      Introduction (p. 19)
      Second-Generation Children (p. 20)
    Rape and Rape-Pregnancy Statistics (p. 30)
    Pregnancy From Rape (p. 33)
      Introduction (p. 33)
      Forced Motherhood: A Feminist Perspective (p. 36)
      Stigma (p. 38)
      Forced Impregnation as a Act of Genocide in War (p. 41)
      Trauma and Pregnancy (p. 49)
      PTSD and Pregnancy (p. 50)
    Raising a Child of Rape (p. 52)
      Effects of Trauma on Parenting (p. 52)
      Sexual Assault Survivors and Parenting (p. 55)
    Pro-Choice Versus Pro-Life Debate (p. 60)
      Pro-Choice (p. 60)
      Pro-Life (p. 62)
    Conclusion (p. 65)
  Chapter III. Conceived in Rape (p. 68)
  Chapter IV. Conclusions (p. 69)
    Summary (p. 69)
    Clinical Implications: Contributions to the Field of Counseling Depth Psychology (p. 70)
    Future Research and Further Exploration (p. 71)
    Concluding Thoughts (p. 72)
  Appendix. Conceived in Rape: A Handbook for the Forgotten Victims of Rape (p. 73)
    Introduction (p. 76)
    Chapter 1: You Are Not Alone (p. 77)
      Rape and Rape-Pregnancy Statistics (p. 77)
      Links to Statistical Reports on Rape-Related Pregnancy (p. 78)
      Value of Support Groups (p. 79)
    Chapter 2: The Myth of Stigma: Some Myths and Realities of Being Conceived in Rape (p. 80)
    Chapter 3: Common Feelings (p. 85)
    Chapter 4: Understanding Mother as Victim, Survivor, Mom (p. 88)
      Common Challenges of the Relationship With Mother (p. 88)
      If You Are Male (p. 88)
      If You Were Adopted (p. 89)
    Chapter 5: I Am Not My Father (p. 90)
      Facts About Rapists and Men Who Rape (p. 90)
      Contacting–-And Contact With–-Biological Fathers (p. 91)
    Chapter 6: Who Am I? (p. 92)
    Chapter 7: Resources and Further Reading (p. 94)
      Books (p. 94)
      Pro-Choise Material (p. 94)
      Pro-Life Material (p. 94)
      Websites (p. 94)
      Finding a Therapist (p. 95)
    References (p. 96)
  References (p. 98)

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