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Author: Dinarco Pimentel

Title: Uma Análise ao Julgamento do Caso Lubanga pelo ICC

Subtitle: Das Crianças Soldado à Violência Sexual

Place: Porto

Publisher: Universidade Portucalense

Year: November 25, 2013

Pages: 25pp.

Language: Portuguese

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st century | Congolese History | Prosecution: Trials / International Criminal Court Types: Wartime Rape / Second Congo War

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Link: Repositorio da Universidade Portucalense [Free Access]

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»From the analysis of a document provided during International Criminal Law Course concerning to the prosecution and judgment of an insurgent group ex-leader from Democratic Republic of Congo, the Union of Congolese Patriot, Mr. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, for his effective participation on war crimes, namely, the conscripting of child soldiers under the age of fifteen for his army, during the period between September 1st, 2002 and August 13th, 2003 it was clear that, during all the procedure, he wasn’t accused (and, as a consequence, not charged) for the conduct of sexual practices associated to the child soldiers conscription, in spite of has been approached by the investigator, prosecutor, witnesses and Trial Chamber. Therefore, we understand that this crime, with deep traumatizing harmful consequences should be better considered in the international level, with a more effective protection, charging those who practices and discouraging who equate.
Hereupon, in this working paper, we try to understand these crime consequences not only for the child soldiers in the present but also their future and for their families, criticizing the way it was lead.« [Source: Repositorio da Universidade Portucalense]


  1. Conteúdo (p. 2)
  2. Lista de abreviaturas (p. 3)
  3. Abstract (p. 4)
  4. Introdução (p. 5)
  5. Mas qual a relevância histórica desta atuação? (p. 6)
  6. O crime no contexto do "caso lubanga" (p. 9)
    6.1 O recrutamento de crianças soldado (p. 11)
    6.2 A violência sexual (p. 15)
  7. O conceito de vítima no direito internacional penal (p. 17)
  8. A necessidade de reparações coletivas (p. 19)
  9. Conclusão (p. 22)
  10. Bibliografia (p. 24)

Wikipedia: International Criminal Court, Second Congo War, Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, War rape

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