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Author: Andrea Pető

Title: Women as Victims and Perpetrators in World War II

Subtitle: The Case of Hungary

In: Women and Men at War: A Gender Perspective on World War II and its Aftermath in Central and Eastern Europe

Edited by: Maren Röger and Ruth Leiserowitz

Place: Osnabrück

Publisher: fibre

Year: 2012

Pages: 81-93

ISBN-13: 9783938400838 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | Hungarian History, Russian History | Types: Wartime Rape / Second World War

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Author: Andrea Pető, Department of Gender Studies, Central European

Abstract: »Andrea Pető identifies as well the influence of gendered interpretative patterns. While Harvey and Lazda's papers in this volume focus on autobiographical or public media narratives, Petö traces the severe consequences of gendered assumptions in post-war Hungarian collaboration trials. Female perpetrators, members of the pro-fascist Arrow-Cross Party, were rarely found guilty. Especially when claiming that they had been under the influence of a male person, judges gave them more lenient sentences. The aim was a reconstruction of the pre-war gender order, but it was also based on political needs: Communist leaders did not want to admit that there had been another political party that had mobilized women on a mass scale. Petö further discusses the "conspiracy of silence" regarding Hungarian women raped by Soviet soldiers. She concludes that remembrance frameworks in both cases, for the perpetrators and the victims, are highly gendered and serve among other things the construction of "emotional communities".« (Maren Röger and Ruth Leiserowitz. »Introduction: Gender and World War II in Central and Eastern Europe.« Women and Men at War: A Gender Perspective on World War II and its Aftermath in Central and Eastern Europe. Edited by Maren Röger et al. Osnabrück 2012: 22)


  The people's tribunals: characteristics and their consequences (p. 82)
  Gender regimes and people's tribunals (p. 84)
  Serendipity: stories and sources about sexual violence during WWII (p. 87)
  Frames of remembering: continuity and change (p. 89)
  Conclusion (p. 92)

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