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Author: Ilan Peled

Title: 'Amore, more, ore, re...'

Subtitle: Sexual Terminology and Hittite Law

In: Pax Hethitica: Studies on the Hittites and their Neighbours in Honour of Itamar Singer

Edited by: Yoram Cohen, Amir Gilan, and Jared L. Miller

Place: Wiesbaden

Publisher: Harrassowitz Verlag

Year: 2010

Pages: 247-260

Series: Studien zu den Boğazköy-Texten 51

ISBN-13: 9783447061193 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Ancient History: Ancient Near East | Prosecution: Laws



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Author: Ilan Peled, Leiden Institute for Area Studies, Universiteit Leiden (Leiden University) –


  Introduction (p. 247)
  General Sexual Terms (p. 248)
  Terminology of Sexual Genitalia (p. 248)
  Terminology and Male Sexuality: Virility and Aggression versus Passivity (p. 249)
  The Terminology of the Laws Regarding Sexual Behaviour (p. 250)
  Terms for Incest (p. 250)
  Terms for Adultery and Rape (p. 252)
  Terms for Bestiality (p. 252)
  Terms in other Hittite Laws Relating to Sexual Matters (p. 253)
  Terms for Sexual Offence in the Hittite Laws (p. 254)
  Terms for Sexual Contact in the Hittite Laws (p. 255)
  Terminology, Verdict and Morality (p. 257)
  Conclusions (p. 258)
  Bibliography (p. 259)

Wikipedia: Ancient history: Ancient Near East / Hittites | Law: Laws regarding rape