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Author: Vibhuti Patel

Title: Campaign against Rape by Women's Movement in India

Subtitle: -

Journal: Deportate, Esuli e Profughe: Rivista Telematica di Studi sulla Memoria Femminile

Volume: -

Issue: 24

Year: February 2014

Pages: 36-47

ISSN: 1824-4483 – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: Italian

Keywords: 20th Century | Indian History | Prosecution: Laws; Society: Women's Movement

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Author: Vibhuti Patel, Department of Economics, S.N.D.T. Women's University

Abstract: »The whole public debate arising out of the recent Delhi gang rape has failed to recognize basic issues such as the implementation of the law, and the functioning of the police and judicial machinery. This article focuses on the patriarchal nature of rapes against Indian women whose character is strengthened by social inequalities.« [Source: Deportate, Esuli e Profughe]


  Introduction (p. 36)
  Gender under the spotlight in India (p. 36)
  New Beginning (p. 37)
  Debates on Reforms in the Rape Laws (p. 38)
  The Criminal Law Amendment Act (1983) (p. 39)
  Definition of Rape (p. 39)
  Punishment for Rape (p. 40)
  Rape Victim and the State Enforcement Machinery (p. 40)
  How Does a Woman Experience the System of Law? (p. 41)
  Experiences of Women Activists while Dealing with Rape Cases (p. 41)
  Police Attitude (p. 42)
  Molestation of Madhushree Dutta (p. 43)
  Mass Rape of Women during Caste and Communal Riots (p. 44)
  Efforts to Activise the State Apparatus (p. 45)
  Public Interest Litigation (PIL) by the Women's Groups (p. 45)
  Role of Media Publicity in Activising the State Apparatus (p. 46)
  Conclusion (p. 46)

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