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Authors: Jee Hoon Andrew Park, KyongWeon Kathy Lee, Michelle D. Hand, Keith A. Anderson, and Tess E. Schleitwiler

Title: Korean Survivors of the Japanese “Comfort Women” System

Subtitle: Understanding the Lifelong Consequences of Early Life Trauma

Journal: Journal of Gerontological Social Work

Volume: Published online before print


Year: 2016 (Received: April 5, 2016, Accepted: June 19, 2016, Published online: June 28, 2016)


ISSN: 0163-4372 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1540-4048 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century, 21st Century | Asian History: Japanese History, Korean History | Types: Forced Prostitution / "Comfort Women"; Types: Wartime Rape / Asia-Pacific War; Victims: Trauma


Link: Taylor & Francis Online (Restricted Access)


Abstract: »Prior to and during World War II, thousands of girls and young women were abducted from Korea and forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese government. Termed “comfort women”, these girls and young women suffered extreme sexual, physical, and emotional abuse and trauma. Research on this group is not well-developed and we know little of impact of this early life trauma on the lives of these women who are now in later life. Using snowball sampling, 16 older adult survivors of the “comfort women” system participated in semi-structured qualitative interviews. Thematic analysis was conducted to gain an understanding of the trauma that these women suffered and how it impacted their lives. Results revealed the depths of the abuse these women suffered, including repeated rapes, physical beatings, humiliation, forced surgery and sterilization, and social exclusion. These early traumatic experiences appeared to reverberate throughout their lives in their family relations, their inability to marry and to conceive children, and their emotional and physical well-being throughout the life course and into later life. The experiences of these survivors illustrate the lasting impact of early-life trauma and can guide interventions with current survivors of sexual abuse or trafficking.« (Source: Journal of Gerontological Social Work)

Wikipedia: History of Asia: History of Japan / Shōwa period; History of Korea / Korea under Japanese rule | Prostitution: Forced prostitution / Comfort women | Trauma: Psychological trauma | Types of rape: Wartime sexual violence | War: Pacific War / Japanese war crimes