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Authors: Pauline Oosterhoff, Elizabeth Mills, and Marjoke Oosterom

Title: Addressing Sexual Violence in and beyond the 'Warzone'

Subtitle: -

Place: Brighton

Publisher: Institute of Development Studies

Year: June 2014

Pages: 4pp.

Series: IDS Rapid Response Briefing No. 7

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st Century | Types: Wartime Rape

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Link: Institute of Development Studies (Free Access)

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Elizabeth Mills, Institute of Development Studies

Pauline Oosterhoff, Institute of Development Studies

Marjoke Oosterom, Institute of Development Studies

Abstract: »Conflict-related sexual violence remains pervasive across the globe, and its widespread use has been reported in Rwanda, Liberia, Northern Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Sudan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. As world leaders prepare to gather in London for the Global Summit on Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict, it is important that they focus their attention on the multiple forms of sexual violence that occur in all conflict and conflict-affected settings, not just on its use as a ‘weapon of war’. This will be critical to ensuring that access to care and support for all survivors of sexual violence is improved and that these essential resources are delivered across state, humanitarian and development agencies, avoiding the creation of parallel and hierarchical support systems.« (Source: Institute of Development Studies)


  Measuring sexual violence and delineating conflicts (p. 1)
  Interpreting and implementing international and national laws (p. 2)
  Sexual violence in camps and urban areas: Implications for humanitarian responses (p. 2)
  Engendering humanitarian interventions to address sexual violence (p. 3)

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