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Author: Kelly Olson

Title: Roman Sexuality and Gender

Subtitle: -

In: Themes in Roman Society and Culture: An Introduction to Ancient Rome

Edited by: Matthew Gibbs, Milorad Nikolic, and Pauline Ripat

Place: Ontario

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Year: 2014

Pages: 164-188

ISBN-13: 9780195445190 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Ancient History: Ancient Rome | Prosecution: Laws / Ancient Legislation


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Author: Kelly Olson, Department of Classical Studies, Western University


  Introduction (p. 164)
  Literary Sources (p. 165)
  Prudery and Expurgation (p. 167)
  Terminology (p. 169)
  Gender Identity versus Sexual Orientation (p. 171)
  The Phallus (p. 173)
  Female Sexuality (p. 174)
  Sexual Scenes (p. 177)
    Private Houses (p. 177)
    Public Places (p. 178)
  Oral Sex (p. 179)
  Same-Sex Couplings (p. 179)
  Passive-Sexual Labels as Abuse (p. 181)
  Pederasty (p. 182)
  Female Homosexuality (p. 183)
  Sexuality and the Law: Stuprum and Rape (p. 184)
  Summary (p. 186)
  Questions for Review and Discussion (p. 186)
  Suggested Reading (p. 187)
  Notes (p. 188)


Modanez de Sant'Anna, Henrique. The Classical Review 65(1) (April 2015): 191-193. – Full Text: Cambridge University Press (Restricted Access)

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