Newbold 2011 Crime

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Author: Greg Newbold

Title: Violent crime

Subtitle: -

In: Te Ara: The Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Edited by: Jock Philips

Place: Wellington

Publisher: Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage

Year: 2011

Pages: -

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | New Zealand History

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Author: Greg Newbold, Department of Sociology, University of Canterbury


  Trends in violent crime
    Violence as a public issue
    Types of violent crime
    Domestic violence
    Violence against children
    Kidnapping and abduction
    Increases in violent crime
    International comparisons
    Prison sentences
  Murder and manslaughter
    Types of homicide
    Murder and manslaughter rates
    Reasons for increases
    Reasons for decreases
    Penalties for homicide
      Capital punishment
  Controversial murder trials, 1840–1939
    Thomas Hall
    Minnie Dean
    Lionel Terry
    Daniel Richard Cooper
  Controversial murder trials, 1940 onwards
    Parker and Hulme
    Arthur Allan Thomas
    John Barlow, 1994
  Mass murders
    Mass murders, 1840–1989
      Maketū Wharetōtara
      Burgess gang
      Hēnare Hona
      Stanley Graham
    Mass murders in the 1990s
      David Gray
      Brian Schlaepfer
      Raymond Ratima
      Bain family killings
      Alan Lory
      Stephen Anderson
  Killers who kill again
    David Wayne Tamihere
    Dennis Luke and Rufus Marsh
    Graeme Burton
    William Johansson
    Malcolm Francis
  Robberies and assaults
    Robbery and violence
    Rates of aggravated robbery
    Grievous and serious assaults
      Increasing assault rates
      Increasing seriousness
  Sexual assault
    Rape and sexual violation
    Reported rape
    Sexual attacks
    Reasons for increases
    Impact of sexual assault
  External links and sources
    More links and websites
    More suggestions and sources

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