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Author: Galina A. Nelaeva

Title: “The Path Towards Justice for Victims of Sexual Violence”?

Subtitle: International Responses to Wartime Rape in the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY)

Journal: Kaleidoscope: Művelődés-, Tudomány- és Orvostörténeti Folyóirat / Journal of History of Culture, Science and Medicine

Volume: 5

Issue: 9

Year: 2014 (Submitted: September 10, 2014, Accepted: November 2, 2014)

Pages: 194-209

eISSN: 2062-2597 – Find a Library: Open Access Journal


Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century, 21st Century | European History: Bosnian History | Prosecution: Trials / International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Types: Wartime Rape / Bosnian War


Link: Kaleidoscope (Free Access)


Abstract: »The question of wartime rape and sexual violence has been extensively covered in academic literature starting from the 1990s onwards. A myriad of articles and books has been published on the subject, covering various legal aspects surrounding international prosecution of wartime rape and sexual violence. It is emphasized that the UN ad hoc tribunals set up in 1993 and 1994 for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda made an important breakthrough in relation to criminal prosecution of these horrendous crimes. For the first time in history, the tribunals established that these crimes could constitute crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide. Political aspects of this phenomenon, however, are not so well researched. This article argues that international criminalization and prosecution of these crimes took place primarily due to the efforts of epistemic communities.« (Source: Kaleidoscope)


  Abstract (p. 194)
  Introduction (p. 194)
  Literature review: rape and sexual violence as international crimes (p.195)
  Explaining international criminalization of sexual violence (p. 197)
  Epistemic community and the rape trials (p. 198)
  ICTY: setting up the Tribunal (p. 198)
  ICTY: a slow start (p. 200)
  Towards a functioning criminal court (p. 202)
  Problem areas (p. 203)
  Conclusion (p. 204)
  Funding (p. 206)
  Bibliography (p. 206)

Wikipedia: History of Europe: History of Bosnia and Herzegovina | Court: International court / International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia | Types of rape: Wartime sexual violence | War: Bosnian War / Rape during the Bosnian War