Nash 2001 Captives

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Author: Alice Nash

Title: "None of the Women Were Abused"

Subtitle: Indigenous Contexts for the Treatment of Women Captives in the Northeast

In: Sex without Consent: Rape and Sexual Coercion in America

Edited by: Merril D. Smith

Place: New York and London

Publisher: New York University Press

Year: 2001

Pages: 10-26

ISBN-10: 0814797881 (cloth) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-10: 081479789X (pbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 17th Century, 18th Century | U.S. History | Types: Interracial Rape

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Author: Alice Nash, Department of History, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Abstract: »The definition of rape and rape victims is even more elusive in Native American cultures. Using a combination of Wabanaki oral tradition and European travelers' accounts, Alice Nash argues that when indigenous women were taken captive by other indigenous people, they were considered sexually available, but captured European women were not. Nash contends that "new cultural possibilities emerged" when Englishwomen taken captive were adopted as sisters in Wabanaki households and thus were made "unavailable" as sexual partners to the men in those households.« (Merril D. Smith. »Introduction: Studying Rape in American History.« Sex without Consent: Rape and Sexual Coercion in America. New York 2001)

Wikipedia: Wabanaki Confederacy

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