Naimark 1995 Militäradministration

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Author: Norman M. Naimark – Translator: Jürgen Danyel

Title: Die sowjetische Militäradministration in Deutschland und die Frage des Stalinismus

Subtitle: Veränderte Sichtweisen auf der Grundlage neuer Quellen aus russischen Archiven

Translation: The Soviet Military Administration in Germany and the Problem of Stalinism: Changed Perspectives on the Basis of New Sources from Russian Archives

Journal: Zeitschrift für Geschichtswissenschaft

Volume: 43

Issue: 4

Year: April 1995

Pages: 293-307

ISSN: 0044-2828 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: German

Keywords: 20th Century | German History, Russian History | Types: Wartime Rape / Second World War

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Author: Norman Naimark, Department of History, Stanford UniversityWikipedia

Abstract: »Examines whether newly available Russian archive material confirms, calls into question, or modifies established views on the history of the Soviet occupation of Germany in 1945-49 and the extent to which it alters the image of postwar Stalinism and the Soviet system as a whole, and assesses the importance of the files of the SED and the German administrative authorities for the history of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany. The archive material is evaluated with reference to the issues of rape by Soviet soldiers, the role of the Soviet security police (NKVD/MVD) and the internment of German citizens in so-called special camps, Soviet extraction of uranium from the Erzgebirge in Saxony, and the role of Colonel Sergei Tiul'panov in determining policy in the Soviet zone. It offers interesting and important insights into the history of Soviet rule in Germany and mainly confirms existing Western research. The picture of Stalinism however is rather different from that based on data from emigrants.« (Source: Historical Abstracts)

Reviews: Meier, David A. H-German (February 27, 1996). – Full Text: H-Net (Free Access)

Wikipedia: Wartime sexual violence: Rape during the occupation of Germany, Soviet war crimes, World War II

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