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Author: Wayne Morrison

Title: Bangladesh, 1971, los juicios por crímenes de guerra y el control de la narrativa

Subtitle: ¿el Estado o la empresa colaboracionista?

Translation: Bangladesh, 1971, war crimes trials and control of the narrative: the State or collaborative enterprise?

Journal: Crítica Penal y Poder

Volume: -

Issue: 5

Year: September 2013

Pages: 314-337

ISSN: 2014-3753 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Spanish

Keywords: 20th Century | Bangladeshi History | Prosecution: Trials / International Crimes Tribunal (Bangladesh), Types: Wartime Rape / Bangladesh Liberation War

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Author: Wayne Morrison, School of Law, Queen Mary University of London

Abstract: »Bangladesh was born in a violent struggle many label genocide. Few were ever prosecuted. The article considers the issue in terms of competing narratives and the issue of ownership of ‘truth’ and the contribution of images of 1971 to the con stitution of Bangladesh. Since 2010 belated war crimes trials have been help for local collaborators; the accused mainly come from Islamic political parties and the verdicts have spurred popular protests resulting in violent confrontations. The trials have been criticised as political trials aimed at eliminating political opposition rather than achieving justice and healing historical wounds. Is this a defining moment for Bangladesh that can change the form of politics – one that breaks the hold of the state over the narrative and ushers in a new form of collaborative enterprise - or is this the occasion for a resurgence of religious sentiments that weakens the secular constitution and increases social instability?« [Source: Crítica Penal y Poder]


  Introducción: un juicio "legal" contemporáneo (p. 316)
  Constituyendo Bangladesh: el sueño y la pesadilla de los comienzos violentos (p. 319)
  La narrativa interestatal (p. 327)
  Reafirmando los juicios: ¿un asunto nacional o la política de un asunto global? (p. 330)
  La situación contemporánea: ¿hacia una política de empresa colaboracionista? (p. 333)
  Reflexiones conclusivas (p. 334)
  Bibliografía (p. 335)

Wikipedia: Bangladesh Liberation War, International Crimes Tribunal (Bangladesh), Rape during the Bangladesh Liberation War, War rape

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