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Author: Julián Monge-Nájera

Title: Complaints about Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Minors and sex crimes involving minors in Costa Rica

Subtitle: Temporal and geographic trends in a ten year period according to government statistics

Journal: The Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality

Volume: 17

Issue: -

Year: August 19, 2014

Pages: -

ISSN: 1545-5556 – Find a Library: Open Access Journal

Language: English

Keywords: 21st Century | Costa Rican History | Types: Child Sexual Abuse

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Abstract: »Local and international media have presented Costa Rica as a sexual tourism destination with a serious problem of commercial sexual exploitation of minors, nevertheless there are no scientific studies about the prevalence of such exploitation. To evaluate the problem I examined the data published by the Judiciary Branch of Costa Rica for the period 2001-2011. Despite the view presented in the media, according to official records there were only five legal complaints involving commercial sexual exploitation in the decade. Complaints about other illegal activities involving minors -that do not include commercial sexual exploitation- are also recorded and became less frequent in recent years (mainly Corruption), but there is an increase for Aggravated Procuring, Sex with Minors for Remuneration and –in some provinces- Aggravated Corruption and Human Trafficking. These trends can reflect real changes in crime rates, changes in the proportion of crime reporting, or other circumstances, but these options cannot be evaluated with available data. There were slightly more complaints from the two provinces where tourists are known to relate with sex workers but the pattern is unclear. Independently of the historical trend, rates are low (from 0,6 to 13 complaints for every 100 000 inhabitants). The frequency of commercial sexual exploitation complaints (mean: one every two years) does not match the attention given to the crime by mass media and the state, which apply the oppression paradigm without questioning its validity.« (Source: Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality)


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