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Author: Stacie Merken

Title: Boston Strangler Murders (1962-1964)

Subtitle: -

In: Crimes of the Centuries: Notorious Crimes, Criminals, and Criminal Trials in American History (Vol. 1)

Edited by: Steven Chermak and Frankie Y. Bailey

Place: Santa Barbara, CA

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Year: 2016

Pages: 100-101

ISBN-13: 9781610695930 (hardcover) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9781610695947 (ebook) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | American History: U.S. History | Cases: Offenders / Albert DeSalvo; Cases: Others / Boston Strangler Murders


Link: Google Books (Limited Preview)


Author: Stacie Merken, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Indiana University at Pennsylvania

Wikipedia: History of the Americas: History of the United States | Rape in the United States: Albert DeSalvo, Boston Strangler