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Author: A. Mckay

Title: Rape or romance?

Subtitle: Sexual violence and the lust for power in Ovid’s Fasti

Thesis: Master Thesis, University of Tasmania

Year: 2016


Language: English

Keywords: Ancient History: Ancient Rome | Representations: Literary Text / Ovid


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Abstract: »Until the late Twentieth Century Fasti was arguably Ovid’s least favoured extant work. Fasti was extensively compared with Ars Amatoria and Metamorphoses and in light of these comparisons was considered to be stylistically and artistically weak. This text has been interpreted as a jumbled compilation of history, astronomy and quasi-Callimachean poetics. From an historical and anthropological point of view, the work is a failure; for despite purporting to deliver reliable and thorough information on Roman cults and festivals (Fast. 1. 1-2), the information is often convoluted and inaccurate. Critics condemned the work as one that fails artistically. Fasti had consistently been interpreted as a badly written pro-Augustan poem. Such readings significantly over-simplified the text. These interpretations saw Fasti reduced to its alleged purpose.« (Source: Library Open Repository: Digital Repository of the University of Tasmania)

Wikipedia: Ancient history: Ancient Rome | Literature: Latin literature / Augustan literature (ancient Rome) | Latin-language writers: Ovid / Fasti (poem)