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Author: Gloyd McCoy

Title: Tent Number Eight

Subtitle: An Investigation of the Girl Scout Murders & the Trial of Gene Leroy Hart

Place: Mustang, OK

Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises

Year: 2011

Pages: 332pp.

ISBN-13: 9781617776328 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | U.S. History | Cases: Others / Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders - Types: Child Abuse - Victims: Homicide

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  the story to come (p. 11)
  the murder site (p. 17)
  their last day ever (p. 19)
  sounds in the night (p. 23)
  the letters (p. 27)
  "oh, my god!" (p. 31)
  an oklahoma prairie fire (p. 45)
  who did this? (p. 49)
  "we have our man" (p. 53)
  the manhunt (p. 65)
  "we got him" (p. 69)
  going to court (p. 77)
  the right to counsel (p. 81)
  there's a new prosecutor in town (p. 89)
  raising money (p. 95)
  the preliminary hearing (p. 99)
  "the defense calls jimmie don bunch" (p. 109)
  getting ready for trial (p. 115)
  the judge (p. 117)
  the oklahoma trial of the century begins (p. 121)
  the decisionwill be in your hands (p. 127)
  the case starts (p. 139)
  the hart defense (p. 147)
  the last witness (p. 153)
  closing argument of the state (p. 157)
  closing argument for the defense (p. 169)
  the state's rebuttal closing argument (p. 203)
  the deliberations and the verdict (p. 223)
  reaction to the verdict (p. 229)
  god returns gene leroy hart home (p. 237)
  may he rest in peace (p. 243)
  the civil suit (p. 247)
  life goes on (p. 253)
  dna fails to solve the mystery (p. 255)
  the o.j. simpson connection (p. 257)
  what happened to ...? (p. 259)
  bibliography (p. 267)
  endnotes (p. 285)


»On a warm summer day in 1977, the State of Oklahoma was shaken by the heinous and vulgar murder of three Girl Scouts in Tent Number Eight at Camp Scott near Locust Grove, Oklahoma. The investigation of their murders and the subsequent trial of the Native American man accused of those murders will forever be marked as one of the most historical in Oklahoma history.
Author Gloyd McCoy dissects the investigation of the Girl Scout murders as well as The State of Oklahoma vs. Gene Leroy Hart from the vantage point of the families, the law enforcement, the news reporters, the lawyers, the judges, and the jury. He provides background information on all the parties involved and explanations regarding why certain decisions were made, including the acquittal of the accused murderer, and what might have happened if the lawyers on both sides had made different decisions and modern technology were available.
Tent Number Eight will enlighten you on the court proceedings and cultural influences of 1977 and preserve this piece of history in your mind forever. Follow the overgrowth of history back to the site of the crime. Step into Tent Number Eight and witness the events of the murders and trial first hand.« [Source: Tate Publishing & Enterprises]

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