Márqzuez 2013 Delitos

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Author: José Wilson Márqzuez Estrada

Title: Delitos Sexuales y Prática Judicial en Colombia: 1870-1900

Subtitle: Los Casos de Bolívar, Antioquia y Santander

Translation: Sex Crimes and Judicial Practice in Colombia: 1870-1900. Cases of Bolivar, Antioquia and Santander

Journal: Palobra: palabra que obra

Volume: -

Issue: 13

Year: August 2103

Pages: 30-48

ISSN: 1657-0111 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Spanish

Keywords: 19th Century | Colombian History | Prosecution: Laws

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Abstract: »This article analyzes the phenomenon of aggressive behaviors against sexual freedom of women in late nineteenth-century in Colombia, classified as sexual offenses, and how they developed the legal proceedings regarding this type of crime. First we analyze the concept of sexual crime and its various manifestations in the Colombian society in the late nineteenth century, supported by the study of the criminalization of these offenses in the criminal codes of that time. Then we study the characteristics of judicial practices and criminal procedures in this type of crime, especially its relation to moral and religious mentality of that time. Then there are different cases of sexual assault in the late nineteenth century, specifically in Antioquia and Santander. Finally we study some reports of the authorities of the Sovereign State of Bolívar on the commission of sexual offenses in their territory.« [Source: Palobra]


  Introducción (p. 31)
  Delitos Sexuales (p. 32)
  Prática Judicial (p. 36)
    1. La prática judicial condicionada por los prejuicios morales y religiosos (p. 36)
    2. El peritazgo en los procesos por delitos sexuales (p. 37)
    3. Características del proceso judicial por delitos sexuales (p. 39)
  Cases de delitos sexuales a finales del siglo XIX en Colombia (p. 40)
    1. Tres casos de agresiones sexuales en Antioquia (p. 40)
    2. Dos casos de agresiones sexuales en Santander (p. 41)
  Consideraciones Finales (p.44)
  Bibliografía (p. 47)

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