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Authors: Sheherezade C. Malik and D. Paul Holdsworth

Title: A Survey of the History of the Death Penalty in the United States

Subtitle: -

Journal: University of Richmond Law Review

Volume: 49

Issue: -

Year: 2015

Pages: 693-710

ISSN: 0566-2389 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: 19th Century, 20th Century, 21st Century | U.S. History | Offenders: Punishments / Death Penalty


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Abstract: »Since the founding of Jamestown Colony in 1607, few topics in American life and culture have generated as much controversy, both in terms of persistence and volatility, as the death penalty. Foreign policy, economic recessions, and social movements come to the forefront of national discussion in their own respective ebbs and flows. Capital punishment, however, has been a staple of the American criminal justice system since the early inhabiting of the continent, and has remained a permanent vehicle through which we can enact retribution on the most heinous criminal offenders in our society, ridding ourselves of the worst among us.« (Source: University of Richmond Law Review)


  Introduction (p. 693)
  I. The Death Penalty: From the Foundings Through Nineteenth Century America (p. 693)
  II. The Death Penalty in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century America (p. 698)
    A. 1900–mid-1950s (p. 698)
    B. 1955–Furman v. Georgia (p. 700)
    C. Post-Furman–1990s (p. 703)
    D. 1990s–Present (p. 706)
  Conclusion (p. 708)

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