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Author: Francisca LoetzTranslator: Rosemary Selle

Title: A New Approach to the History of Violence

Subtitle: "Sexual Assault" and "Sexual Abuse" in Europe, 1500-1850

Place: Leiden

Publisher: Brill

Year: 2015

Pages: 220pp.

Series: Studies in Central European Histories 60

ISBN-13: 9789004297272 (hbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9789004297289 (ebk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 16th Century, 17th Century, 18th Century, 19th Century | Swiss History


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Author: Francisca Loetz, Historisches Seminar, Universität Zürich (University of Zurich)


  Preface (p. vii)
  List of Tables and Diagrams (p. viii)
  1 Getting to Grips–Methodological Clarifications (p. 1)
    1.1 Between the Disciplines––Violence as a Research Problem (p. 1)
    1.2 Violence–Questions of Definition (p. 7)
    1.3 "Sexual Assault" and "Sexual Abuse" in Zurich–An Example of Violence in Europe (p. 11)
    1.4 Sexualized Violence–Research Tendencies (p. 17)
    1.5 Court Records–Specific Speech Actions in Written Form (p. 21)
  2 Rape and Sexual Abuse in Zurich–Empirical Findings (p. 25)
    2.1 "Sexual Assault" and "Sexual Abuse"–Grey Areas in Medicine, Law and Theology (p. 25)
    2.2 Step by Step–On the Way to the Court (p. 31)
    2.3 Cases–Much in the Dark (p. 43)
    2.4 Women–Between Respectability and Prostitution (p. 52)
    2.5 Children–Little Adults, nor Not Adults at All (p. 69)
    2.6 "Real" Men–Men "in Need" (p. 79)
    2.7 Social Environment–Sanctioning, Being in the Know, Intervening (p. 87)
    2.8 Trials at Court–Prosecuting, Defending, Negotiating (p. 97)
    2.9 Focus on the Body–Little Space for Emotions (p. 115)
    2.10 "Jugding Right"–Sin as a Public Order Offense (p. 140)
  3 The Case for Historicizing Violence–Programmatic Perspectives (p. 161)
    3.1 Historicizing of Violence as a Project–What are the Challenges? (p. 161)
    3.2 Understanding Violence–What Makes Violence What It is? (p. 166)
    3.3 Constellations of Violence–Who Acts in What Way? (p. 170)
    3.4 The Meaning of Violence–What is the Problem? (p. 175)
    3.5 Violence as Taboo and Non-taboo–How Does Violence Become a Topic? (p. 179)
  Appendix: Tables (p. 183)
  Glossary (p. 190)
  Bibliography (p. 193)
  Index (p. 207)

Description: »Up to now, historical research has treated violence mainly with reference to war, murder or massacre. Francisca Loetz argues for a new, complementary approach to history of violence as an interpersonal form of social action experienced as unacceptable behavior and aiming to subjugate the victim in everyday life. Analyzing cases of what the sources call “sexual assault” and “sexual abuse” in the city state of Zurich between 1500 and 1850, Loetz discusses fundamental methodological problems such as: how can violence be defined as a concept? What makes violence what it is in a given society? Why is early modern “sexual assault” and “sexual abuse” not equivalent to modern rape and abuse? How does Zurich compare with pre-modern Europe?« (Source: Brill)

Original: Loetz, Francisca. Sexualisierte Gewalt 1500–1850. Plädoyer für eine historische Gewaltforschung. Frankfurt/Main 2012.