Lima 2014 Violência

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Authors: Claudia Araújo de Lima and Suely Ferreira Deslandes

Title: Violência sexual contra mulheres no Brasil

Subtitle: Conquistas e desafios do setor saúde na década de 2000

Translation: Sexual violence against women in Brazil: Achievements and challenges of the health sector in the 2000s

Journal: Saúde e Sociedade

Volume: 23

Issue: 3

Year: July-September 2014

Pages: 787-800

ISSN: 0104-1290 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: Portuguese

Keywords: 21st Century | Brazilian History

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Abstract: »The article brings a revision on the public politics for the confronting of the sexual violence against women developed along the decade of 2000s. It analyzes the collision on the progress, retreats and challenges of the theme to the light of the propositions of the section health. Institutional documents and articles were analyzed selected on the subject, pointing varied strategies for intervention proposed and accomplished by the Brazilian National Health System. The text still presents emblematic questions that send us to think on the challenges to be overcome by the managers of health in the current decade, such as the covering and continuity of the services of attention, the professionals’ permanent training, as well as the service to the legal abortion.« (Source: Saúde e Sociedade)


  Introdução (p. 788)
  Metodologia (p. 789)
  Resultados e discussão (p. 790)
  Os pactos para o enfrentamento da violência (p. 794)
  Discussão: balanço dos impasses e avanços (p. 795)
  Colaboração dos autores (p. 797)
  Referências (p. 797)

Translation: Lima, Claudia A. de, et al. »Sexual violence against women in Brazil: achievements and challenges of the health sector in the 2000s.« Saúde e Sociedade 23 (2014): 52-66.

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