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Authors: María Gracia León E. and Desirée Viteri A.

Title: Violencia sexual contra mujeres en conflictos armados

Subtitle: Caso Boko Haram (2009-2015)

Thesis: Trabajo de Investigación (Bachelor Thesis), Universidad Internacional del Ecuador

Advisor: Laura Ciudad

Year: August 2016

Pages: 104pp.

Language: Spanish

Keywords: Modern History: 21st Century | African History: Nigerian History | Types: Wartime Rape / Boko Haram Insurgency


Link: UIDE: Digital Repository of the Universidad Internacional del Ecuador (Free Access)


Abstract: »Women have historically been subject to different types of violence. For example, many have suffered sexual violence in armed conflicts. Such is the case of Boko Haram´s (BH) victims. BH is a Nigerian terrorist group responsible for multiple crimes against women. This group has used sexual assault or the threat thereof, to perpetrate extreme violations of the women rights. The lethal group has been responsible for atrocities such as rape, kidnapping, murder, bombings, war crimes, crimes against humanity, among others. Therefore, due to the complexity and importance of the stablished topic, it was appropriate deepening into the issue for further analysis. The purpose of this research was to study the practices of BH to find information about how these represent an international terrorist threat, especially against the female gender. Now this thesis was based on feminisms and a gender perspective to analyze the phenomenon. In addition, the methodological objective was to generate a dialectical interaction between theory available, qualitative analysis of BH and information concerning sexual violence against women in the context of an armed conflict. Undoubtedly, as a result of this research it was possible to understand that sexual violence is a recurring practice of war, that leave women particularly vulnerable from the rest of society. In addition, multiple constraints inhibit them from a real and effective exercise of their rights.« (Source: Thesis)


  Resumen (p. 1)
  Abstract (p. 2)
  Introducción (p. 12)
  Capítulo I: La violencia sexual en conflictos armados como arma de guerra y destrucción (p. 15)
    1.1 Los feminismos y el patriarcado (p. 15)
    1.2 La violencia contra la mujer (p. 18)
    1.3 La violencia sexual contra las mujeres y niñas en conflictos armados (p. 22)
    1.4 Consecuencias de la violencia sexual contra mujeres y niñas (p. 27)
  Capítulo II: El Derecho Internacional y jurisprudencia sobre violencia sexual contra mujeres en conflictos armados (p. 32)
    2. 1 El Derecho Internacional frente a la violencia sexual contra mujeres en conflictos armados (p. 32)
    2.2 La jurisprudencia de cortes internacionales sobre casos emblemáticos de violencia sexual (p. 42)
  Capítulo III: Estrategia de guerra de Boko Haram contra la mujer y respuesta de la comunidad internacional frente al fenómeno (p. 55)
    3.1 Historia y evolución de Boko Haram (p. 55)
      3.1.1 Gestación de Boko Haram (p. 55)
      3.1.2 Boko Haram en dirección hacia el terrorismo (p. 57)
      3.1.3 Boko Haram: amenaza letal (p. 58)
    3.2 Boko Haram y su guerra contra la mujer: violencias y abusos (p. 62)
    3.3 Incidencia de los factores religiosos y culturales en Boko Haram (p. 73)
    3.4 Respuesta de la comunidad internacional frente al caso Boko Haram (p. 78)
  Conclusiones y recomendaciones (p. 88)
  Referencias (p. 94)

Wikipedia: History of Africa: History of Nigeria / Fourth Nigerian Republic | Types of rape: Wartime sexual violence | War: Boko Haram insurgency