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Author: Kathryn D. Lee

Title: Abuse, Exposure, and Female Agency in the Short Stories of Emilia Pardo Bazán

Subtitle: -

Thesis: Honors Thesis, Baylor University

Year: May 2014

Pages: iii + 38pp.

Language: English

Keywords: 19th Century | Spanish History | Representations: Literature / Emilia Pardo Bazán

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Abstract: »The purpose of this thesis is to examine and analyze the short stories of Emilia Pardo Bazán. This nineteenth century Spanish writer uses narratives, historical retellings, fables, and other notable stylistic elements to expose the controversies surrounding women in the nineteenth century Spain. She confronts abuse, incest, the lack of female agency, problems with gender stereotypes and other inequalities women faced and continue to encounter today. Analyzing Pardo Bazán’s short stories: “The Torn Lace,” “The Red Stockings,” “Memento,” “First Love,” “The Oldest Story,” “Sister Apparition,” “Piña” and “Revolver” reveals to readers the variety of styles Pardo Bazán employs, as well as her profound statement on the status of genders in Spain.« (Source: Thesis)


  Acknowledgements (p. iii)
  Chapter One: Female Agency (p. 1)
  Chapter Two: The Patriach (p. 13)
  Chapter Three: Retelling (p. 21)
  Chapter Four: Culmination (p. 28)
  Bibliography (p. 37)

Wikipedia: Emilia Pardo Bazán

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