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Author: Mariah Larsson

Title: Lasse Braun, rape scenarios, and Swedish censorship

Subtitle: A case study of two 8-mm porn films featuring rape

Journal: Porn Studies

Volume: 4

Issue: 1

Year: 2017 (Received: May 25, 2013, Accepted: June 7, 2016, Published online: January 27, 2017)

Pages: 23-34

ISSN: 2326-8743 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 2326-8751 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | European History: Swedish History | Offenders: Women; Representations: Films / Cerimony, White Fantasies/Black Power; Victims: Men


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Author: Mariah Larsson, Institutionen för film och litteratur (Department of Film and Literature), Linnéuniversitet (Linnaeus University) –

Abstract: »This article examines rape scenarios in two pornographic 8-mm films by Lasse Braun: White Fantasies/Black Power (1969) and Cerimony (1971). Furthermore, it begins an exploration of Lasse Braun, an important figure in late-1960s and early-1970s pornography. Finally, because both films were censored by the Swedish National Board of Film Censors, the article considers their specific national-historical contexts including the legal situation for pornography in Sweden and the shifting discourses on rape in the 1970s, to open up a discussion of whether the elimination of violence in pornographic representations actually makes them less misogynist. The censorship decisions clearly echoed anxieties about race and gender provoked by these two films. A closer look at the films reveals a knowing approach, not only to sexual fantasies, but also to contemporary political and aesthetic movements.« (Source: Porn Studies)


  Abstract (p. 23)
  Introduction (p. 23)
  Background (p. 24)
  Rape scenarios in the early 1970s (p. 25)
  The Lasse Braun films (p. 26)
  White Fantasies/Black Power: race, rape, and retribution (p. 27)
  Cerimony: rape, gender, and penetration (p. 29)
  Conclusion (p. 30)
  Notes (p. 31)
  Disclosure statement (p. 32)
  References (p. 32)

Wikipedia: History of Europe: History of Sweden / History of Sweden (1967–91) | Film: Pornographic films / Lasse Braun