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Author: Carol Lansing

Title: Conflicts over Gender in Civic Courts

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In: The Oxford Handbook of Women & Gender in Medieval Europe

Edited by: Judith M. Bennett and Ruth Mazo Karras

Place: Oxford

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Year: 2013

Pages: 118-132

ISBN-13: 9780199582174 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 13th Century | Italian History | Cases: Offenders / Nicolao, Victims / Tomasina

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Author: Carol Lansing, Department of History, University of California at Santa Barbara

Abstract: »Civic court records are a rare source for medieval social experience and attitudes, including low-status people who do not appear in most records. Because the requirements for proof in Roman law included fama, reputation, and status, witnesses in court discussed and at times differed over which aspects of a person’s behavior determined their honesty and respectability. This could become an implicit debate over gender expectations. Can a concubine be considered an honest woman? The article explores a 1295 case in which a wealthy politician was charged with the rape of a woman who lived as a concubine. The case hinged on the complex medieval legal understandings of rape. It is also a vivid example of a power struggle waged in and out of the court, involving both bribery and judicial torture. Ultimately, it reveals how class and gender expectations for men and women influenced the court process.« [Source: Oxford Handbooks Online]

Contents: Rape and Expectations for Elite Men (p. 121)

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