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Author: Tatiana Savoia Landini

Title: Horror, Honra e Direitos

Subtitle: Violência Sexual Contra Crianças e Adolescentes no Século XX

Translation: Horror, Honor and Rights: Sexual Violence against Children and Adolescents in the 20th Century

Thesis: Ph.D. Thesis, Universidade de São Paulo

Year: 2005

Pages: 285pp.

Language: Portuguese

Keywords: 20th Century | Brazilian History | Types: Child Sexual Abuse

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Author: Tatiana Savoia Landini, Escola de Filosofia, Letras e Ciências Humanas, Universidade Federal de São Paulo


»In this thesis, I describe the main changes in social sensibility towards child sexual violence in 20th century Brazil. First of all, I present the national law and the main international agreements in regard to sexual violence. Following, I will show some expert discourses that reflect different sensibilities over this topic and that, in some way, influenced legal definitions. In order to make this discussion, the following will be analysed: some influences of positivism in the medical and legal areas; some queries and opinions on prostitution and “manners police”; its work along with social workers; and, at last, the understandings of NGOs and psychologists. In the next chapter, I analyse some international social movements – also called civilising offensives – that intended to combat sexual violence, and its consequences in Brazil. Last, it will be shown what one of the most important daily newspapers in the country has published in this connection. Daily news will be used to discuss changes in the information published, in the kind of sexual crime depicted and how it is discussed.
The main argument of this work is that child sexual violence was not an invisible problem to lay people nor to experts as physicians, people working in the legal system, police and social workers. Nevertheless, it was seen as an occasional problem related to morality. Towards the end of the 20th century, especially because of national and international NGOs, sexual violence came to be seen as a very recurrent problem and a topic that should be studied, quantified and scientifically analysed. What was occasionally portrayed in the media became a very common issue, reaching the head-lines. These changes can be explained by the shift in the balance of power between the sexes in favour of women and an increase in the social distance between adults and children, now understood as people with special need that should be protected and cared for. The theoretical approach is Norbert Elias’s process sociology.
The thesis contains also an excursus, discussing changes in child sexual violence in 20th century Ireland. Differences and similarities between what happened in Ireland and in Brazil will be used to discuss social processes that lead sexual violence to be a topic of great concern in the last quarter of the century.« (Source: Thesis)


  Preâmbulo (p. 1)
  Introdução (p. 5)
    Sociologia processual (p. 8)
    A violência sexual e o enfoque processual (p. 25)
  I - Crianças nas entrelinhas (as leis) (p. 38)
    1.1 A legislação nacional (p. 40)
    1.2 Convenções internacionais (p. 47)
    1.3 Indicativos iniciais (p. 52)
  II - Juristas, Policiais, médicos e psicólogos (os especialistas) (p. 55)
    2.1 A Escola positiva (p. 58)
      A questão do menor (p. 62)
      Os juristas positivistas da virada do século: viveiros de castro (p. 63)
      A sexologia forense nas décadas de 1920 a 1940 (p. 72)
    2.2 A polícia de costumes (p. 78)
      A campanha de recuperação moral e social em São Paulo (p. 82)
    2.3 Psicólogos e defensores dos direitos da criança (p. 91)
      O fenômeno da violência sexual (p. 99)
    2.4 Um século de mudanças – da himenolatria aos direitos (p. 101)
  III - Infâncias em movimento (os movimento sociais) (p. 109)
    3.1 Direitos da criança no início do século XX (p. 112)
    3.2 A Liga das Nações e o tráfico de "escravas brancas" (p. 113)
    3.2 A Organização das Nações Unidas e os direitos das crianças (p. 119)
    3.3 Algumas "escravas brancas" e milhares de "meninas prostituídas" (p. 131)
  Escurso a violência sexual na Irlanda (p. 139)
    Legislação e filantropia (p. 141)
    Sexo e sexualidade – monopólios católicos (p. 152)
    A violência sexual na mídia (p. 160)
      80 anos de invisibilidade (1900-1980) (p. 160)
      Os últimos 20 anos do século X (p. 163)
      Crimes contra a honra (p. 168)
      Incesto (p. 168)
      Casos ligados à igreja católica (p. 172)
      Crimes sexuais violentos (p. 174)
      Prostituição infantil e turismo sexual (p. 177)
      Pornografia infantil e pedofilia (p. 180)
      Geral (p. 183)
    Alguns apontamentos sobre a Irlanda (p. 185)
  IV - Escândalos cotidianos, ultrajes jurídicos (o senso comum) (p. 197)
    4.1 Incesto (p. 199)
    4.2 Crimes violentos cometidos por estranhos (p. 205)
    4.3 Crimes contra a honra (p. 210)
    4.4 Lenocínio e prostituição (p. 218)
    4.5 Os novos crimes sexuais – pornografia infantil e pedofilia (p. 227)
    4.6 Geral (p. 230)
    4.7 Civilização ou descivilização (p. 232)
  Conclusão (p. 237)
    Infância e processo civilizador (p. 237)
    Individual, nacional, mundial (p. 242)
    Visibilidade e particularidaded nacionais (p. 246)
    Intenção e realidade (p. 249)
  Fontes documentais e bibliográficas (p. 254)
    Arquivos de jornais (p. 254)
    Coleções de periódicos (p. 254)
    Arquivos de instituições (p. 254)
    Códigos legislativos (p. 254)
    Acordos e convenções (p. 255)
    Livros e artigos (p. 256)
    Sites consultados (p. 265)

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