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Editors: Ingrid Lander, Signe Ravn, and Nina Jon

Title: Masculinities in the Criminological Field

Subtitle: Control, Vulnerability and Risk-Taking

Place: London and New York, NY

Publisher: Routledge

Year: 2016

Pages: 272pp.

ISBN-13: 9781472410139 (hbk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-13: 9781315594132 (ebk.) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century


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Ingrid Lander, Kriminologiska institutionen (Department of Criminology), Stockholm universitet (Stockholm University)

Signe Ravn, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of, ResearchGate


  Notes on Contributors (p. vii)
  Acknowledgments (p. xi)
  Introduction: Why a Nordic Anthology on Masculinities and Crime? (p. 1)
Ingrid Lander, Signe Ravn and Nina Jon
  Part I   Negotiating Masculinities in Institutional Settings
  1 Transforming Cowboy Masculinity into Appropriate Masculinity (p. 19)
Nina Jon
  2 Doving Masculinity in Youth Institutions (p. 39)
Tove Pettersson
  3 'Be a Man. Not a Bitch.' Snitching, the Inmate Code and the Narrative Reconstruction of Masculinity in a Norwegian Prison (p. 57)
Thomas Ugelvik
  4 Doing the Right Masculinities Right: The Police Force as Gendered Practices (p. 71)
Ingrid Lander
  5 The Construction of an Accepted Masculinity: Castration in High Security Psychiatric Institutions in Norway 1923-1945 (p. 89)
Eivind Myhre and Øyvind Thomassen
  Part II   Vulnerable Masculinites
  6 Masculinity and Victimization: Young Men's Talk about Being Victims of Violent Crime (p. 113)
Veronika Burcar
  7 Armoured Toughness? Multicultural Group Relationships and Crime among Young Men (p. 131)
Päivi Honkatukia and Leena Suurpää
  8 The Narrative of Masculinity in False Reports of Rape: Victimization and the Question of Criminal Masculinities (p. 149)
Marie Bruvik Heinskou
  9 Sexualized War Violence: Subversive Victimization and Ignored Perpetrators (p. 165)
Anette Bringedal Houge
  Part III   On the Edge of Control: Risk Taking and Masculinities
  10 The Dangerous Other? Towards a Contextual Approach to Men's Risk-Taking with Motor Vehicles (p. 187)
Dag Balkmar and Tanja Joelsson
  11 Virtuous Fighting in Poker Gambling (p. 203)
Simon Simonsen
  12 Along the Lines of Boys and Girls: Masculinity at Play in Young Women's Drug Use (p. 213)
Sidsel Kirstine Harder adn Signe Ravn
  13 Sex, Drugs and Masculinities: A Life-Course Perspective (p. 231)
Lotta Pettersson and Christoffer Carlsson (p. 231)
  Index (p. 253)

Description: »Over recent decades criminological research has changed from a gender-blind discipline which equated crime with men and thus ignored questions about gender, to an approach that studied gender by showing statistical differences between men and women, and then finally to a more inclusive and elaborate gender-theoretical approach to crime and crime control. However, despite this development, research on gender - and in particular research on gendered norms and the construction and enactment of masculinities - within the criminological field has been unable to keep up with developments in gender research. Since 1990, only a few anthologies with a gender-theoretical orientation focusing on masculinities within the criminological research field have been published. Many of the theoretical developments in gender research still have difficulties in reaching into mainstream criminology, partly because such developments are often published in feminist and/or gender theoretical journals. This volume both problematizes and renders visible conceptions and norms regarding male behaviour and masculinities and shows how these affect the criminological field through providing a theoretically sound and clear gender perspective to this field of research. With sections based around the following three themes: negotiations of masculinity in institutional settings, vulnerable masculinities and risk-taking and masculinities, this volume will be of interest to scholars of criminology, sociology, social work and gender studies, as well as policy-makers, and law enforcement professionals.« (Source: Routledge)

Editions: Lander, Ingrid, et al., eds. Masculinities in the Criminological Field: Control, Vulnerability and Risk-Taking. Farnham 2014. – Bibliographic Entry: Info