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Author: Jonneke Koomen

Title: "Without These Women, the Tribunal Cannot Do Anything"

Subtitle: The Politics of Witness Testimony on Sexual Violence at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Journal: Signs: Journal of Women in Culture & Society

Volume: 38

Issue: 2

Year: Winter 2013

Pages: 253-277

ISSN: 0097-9740 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 1545-6943 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century, 21st Century | African History: Rwandan History | Prosecution: Trials / International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Victim Testimonies; Types: Genocidal Rape / Rwandan Genocide



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Author: Jonneke Koomen, Department of Politics, Willamette UniversityAuthor's Personal Website,

Abstract: »An essay is presented on testimony given to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) by women survivors of sexual violence following the Rwandan genocide of 1994. Particular focus is given to the processes of mediating for witnesses and presenting their stories to the tribunal. According to the author, international justice relies on local encounters. Topics discussed include the process of composing witness statements and the role of translators in securing testimony.« (Source: Signs)


  Grounding the international tribunal (p. 254)
  Negotiating stories (p. 257)
    I am being interviewed for the first time (p. 259)
    Now you come back to ask questions (p. 260)
    Mission (p. 261)
  The process has its own needs (p. 262)
    The process has its own needs (p. 264)
    Rwandans don't talk about these things (p. 265)
    Traumatized for a second time (p. 266)
    A day was like ten days (p. 267)
    Why are you so vague? (p. 268)
    The reality is something else (p. 269)
  We are not NGOs (p. 270)
  Encountering international justice (p. 274)
  References (p. 275)

Wikipedia: History of Africa: History of Rwanda | Genocide: Genocides in history / Rwandan Genocide | International court: International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda | Trial: Testimony, Witness | Types of rape: Genocidal rape / Rape during the Rwandan Genocide