Kelner 2013 Rape

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Author: Alexandra Kelner

Title: The United States of Rape

Subtitle: A Theory of Rape Culture in American Public Policy

Thesis: M.A. Thesis, California State University at East Bay

Year: September 2013

Pages: 134pp.

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century | U.S. History | Society: Rape Culture

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Abstract: »Rape is a crime in the United States. But it is also one of the most underreported crimes in America, has very low prosecution and conviction rates compared to other violent crimes, and the level of social disdain attached to rape is rarely reflected in the formal punishments enacted for its perpetration. "Rape Culture" has become a popular term in rape prevention education and advocacy; it refers to a society that contains within it practices and ideologies that minimize the negative impacts of victimization, while condoning and perpetuating the perpetration of acts of sexual violence. This paper outlines some of the characteristics of a so-called "rape culture" and explores how these characteristics are manifested in law and policy at the federal level in the United States through the examination of marital rape laws, sexuality education policy and welfare policy.« [Source: ]


  Introduction (p. 1)
  Methods and Limitations (p. 9)
  Why "Rape Culture?": Key Definitions and Assumptions (p. 9)
    Culture (p. 9)
    Rape (p. 11)
    Ideology and Practice in Public Policy (p. 13)
    Paper Organization (p. 17)
  Chapter One: American Rape Culture (p. 33)
    The American Rape Narrative (p. 22)
    Defining Rape Culture (p. 29)
  Chapter Two: Law and Order: Rape Culture In American Public Policy (p. 51)
    To Have, To Hold and To Rape: U.S. Marital Rape Law (p. 51)
    Abstinence From Education: Federal Sex Education (p. 57)
    The Welfare State of Rape: U.S. Welfare Policy and Rape Culture (p. 64)
  Chapter Three: Unanswered Questions: Intersectionality and Greater Possibility for Change (p. 81)
    Beyond Gender: Race, Class and Sexuality in Public Policy (p. 82)
    Intersectionality And a More Complete Theory of Rape Culture (p. 97)
    Intersectional Rape Culture (p. 103)
  References (p. 113)

Wikipedia: Rape culture

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