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Author: Aida Kastrat

Title: Die Darstellung sexueller Gewalt im postjugoslawischen Film

Subtitle: Eine feministische Kritik

Thesis: Diplomarbeit, Universität Wien

Advisor: Andrea B. Braidt

Year: 2015

Pages: 170pp.

Language: German

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st Century | European History: Bosnian History | Representations: Films / Grbavica, In The Land of Blood and Honey; Types: Wartime Rape / Bosnian War


Link: E-Theses: Hochschulschriften-Service der Universität Wien (Free Access)


Abstract: »Women’s* role and their stories stay unmentioned in most of the movies about the Yugoslav war. Women* play a minor role in movies like “Underground (1995)“ by Emir Kusturica or „No Man’s Land (2001)” by Oscar-winning director Danis Tanović. They are at best reporters* but most of the time they are victims of their environment. The trauma of “(sexual) violence against women*“ has been processed only recently in post-Yugoslav cinema. This thesis analyses and compares the presentation of sexual violence in two post-Yugoslav movies: „Grbavica/The Land Of My Dreams“ (Jasmila Žbanjić, 2006)“ and „In The Land Of Blood And Honey” (Angelina Jolie, 2011). On the basis of theoretical considerations on the concept of “sexual violence" it is inquired how media representations of sexual violence reproduce and maintain gender dichotomy and hierarchy. It shall be shown that sexual violence against women* doesn’t only result from individual misconduct by single aggressive, instinct driven men*, but that it is rather a mode of expression that sustains the dominant relation of patriarchy in our society. The victims must articulate the experienced sexual violence within the films’ diegesis to break the patriarchal structure and to save it from losing its evidence. However, the problem of the visualization of sexual violence is the visualization itself, since it can only be a repetition of the violent experience. As spectators we dissociate ourselves therefore from the violent crimes by looking at them and perceive them as an individual problem and not as an instrument of power.« (Source: Thesis)


  1. Einleitung (p. 3)
    1.1. Erkenntnisinteresse und Fragestellung (p. 4)
    1.2. Filmauswahl und Methode (p. 5)
    1.3. Aufbau (p. 7)
  2. Historisch-Politischer Kontext (p. 8)
    2.1. Der Krieg in Jugoslawien (p. 8)
    2.2. Der Krieg in Bosnien-Herzegowina (p. 13)
    2.3. Postjugoslawische Erinnerungspolitik (p. 23)
  3. Sexuelle Gewalt (p. 26)
    3.1. Zum Begriff Sexuelle Gewalt (p. 26)
      3.1.1. Täter (p. 28)
      3.1.2. Opfer (p. 29)
    3.2. Sexuelle Gewalt und das kapitalistische Patriarchat (p. 31)
      3.2.1. Mittäter_innenschaft von Frauen* und nicht-gewalttätigen Männern* (p. 32)
      3.2.2. Funktion sexueller Gewalt für die Aufrechterhaltung des Patriarchats (p. 33)
  4. Mediale Repräsentation sexueller Gewalt (p. 34)
    4.1. Repräsentation sexueller Gewalt im Medium Film (p. 35)
    4.2. Repräsentation sexueller Gewalt im Krieg in Bosnien und Herzegowina (p. 36)
      4.2.1. Mediale Diskussion zu den Ursachen des Krieges (p. 38)
      4.2.2. Darstellung von „Vergewaltigungen“ als „ethnische Säuberungen“ (p. 39)
      4.2.3. Mediale Repräsentation erzwungener Schwangerschaften (p. 45)
    4.3. Fazit (p. 50)
  5. Die Darstellung sexueller Gewalt im Film (p. 52)
    5.1. Liebe in Zeiten des Krieges / In The Land of Blood and Honey (2011) (p. 53)
      5.1.1. Filmkontext (p. 53)
      5.1.2. Filminhalt (p. 59)
      5.1.3. Die Frauen* im Film (p. 60)
      5.1.4. Szenenanalyse (p. 62)
    5.2. Esmas Geheimnis / Grbavica / The Land Of My Dreams (2006) (p. 78)
      5.2.1. Filmkontext (p. 78)
      5.2.2. Filminhalt (p. 83)
      5.2.3. Die Frauen* im Film (p. 83)
      5.2.4. Szenenanalyse (p. 84)
  6. Vergleich: In The Land Of Blood And Honey vs. Esmas Geheimnis (p. 101)
  7.Schluss/Conclusio (p. 106)
  8. Quellen-, und Literaturverzeichnis (p. 107)
    8.1. Internetquellen (p. 112)
    8.2. Filmographie (p. 118)
  9. Sequenzprotokolle (p. 119)
    9.1. Sequenzprotokoll „In The Land Of Blood And Honey“ (2011) (p. 119)
    9.2. Sequenzprotokoll „Esmas Geheimnis“ (2006) (p. 151)
  10. Anhang (p. 168)
    10.1. Abstract (Deutsch) (p. 168)
    10.2. Abstract (Englisch) (p. 169)
    10.3. Lebenslauf (p. 170)

Wikipedia: Grbavica (film), In the Land of Blood and Honey; Wartime sexual violence: Bosnian War Rape during the Bosnian War