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Author: Coppélia Kahn

Title: Lucrece

Subtitle: The Sexual Politics of Subjectivity

In: Rape and Representation

Edited by: Lynn A. Higgins and Brenda R. Silver

Place: New York, NY and Oxford

Publisher: Columbia University Press

Year: 1991

Pages: 141-159

Series: Gender and Culture

ISBN-10: 023107266X – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 16th Century | European History: English History | Representations: Literary Texts / William Shakespeare


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Author: Coppélia Kahn, Department of English, Brown University

Abstract: »The essays in part 3, Writing the Victim–to borrow a phrase from Marta Peixoto's essay–focus more explicitly on the ways in which literary or critical strategies contribute to the social and narrative acts of victimization they wish to expose. In Coppélia Kahn's essay on Shakespeare's Lucrece, the complicity belongs to the author, whose embodiment of one of Western culture's urtexts of rape firmly reinstates its tortmented victim within the patriarchal tale.« (Source: Lynn A. Higgins and Brenda R. Silver. »Introduction: Rereading Rape.« Rape and Representation. Edited by Lynn A. Higgins et al. New York 1991: 6)


  Heroic Discourse and the Scopic Economy (p. 143)
  Transgression (p. 146)
  Resistance (p. 150)
  The Voice of Lucrece (p. 152)
  Notes (p. 157)

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