Juras 2014 Slander

Title Information

Author: Alexandra E. Juras

Title: Sexual Slander in the Attic Orators

Subtitle: A Survey of the Speeches of Lysias and Aeschines

Thesis: Honors Thesis, Florida State University

Year: Spring 2014

Pages: 42pp.

Language: English

Keywords: Ancient Grecce

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Link: DigiNole Commons [Free Access]

Additional Information

Abstract: »The purpose of this thesis is to explore the use of sexual insults and slander as a means of character defamation in the speeches of the Attic orators Lysias and Aeschines. I intend to investigate in what ways these authors utilized sexual insults and slander, what sorts of sexual insults were used, how they compare to each other, and what they reveal to us about sexuality, culture, and morality in fifth and fourth century BCE Athens.« (Source: DigiNole Commons)


  Introduction (p. 4)
  Sexual Slander in the Speeches of Lysias (p. 8)
    Lysias and His Speeches (p. 8)
    Adultery in the Speeches of Lysias (p. 9)
    Love Quarrels in the Speeches of Lysias (p. 17)
  Sexual Slander in the Speeches of Aeschines (p. 24)
    Aeschines and His Speeches (p. 24)
    Aeschines against Timarchus (p. 26)
    Aeschines against Demosthenes (p. 34)
  General Observations and Conclusion (p. 38)
  Bibliography (p. 42)

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