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Author: Stephanie H. Jed

Title: Chastity on the Page

Subtitle: A Feminist Use of Paleography

In: Refiguring Woman: Perspectives on Gender and the Italian Renaissance

Edited by: Marilyn Migiel and Juliana Schiesari

Place: Ithaca, NY and London

Publisher: Cornell University Press

Year: 1991

Pages: 114-131

ISBN-10: 0801425387 – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat | ISBN-10: 080149771X (paper) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Medieval History: 15th Century | European History: Italian History


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Abstract: »In "Chastity on the Page: A Feminist Use of Paleography," Stephanie Jed seeks to exhume certain deftly interred assumptions and contradictions in humanist thought. Jed draws attention to the logic of sexual violence and sexual restraints in Coluccio Salutati's Declamatio Lucretiae, a dialogue in which the rape of the Roman matron Lucretia is presented as the necessary prologue to republican freedom. By means of a materialist analysis of the manuscript reproduction of the dialogue and the cultural debates about scribal practices in humanist fifteenth-century Italy, she demonstrates that the categories used to describe graphic and editorial practices are gendered, and she asserts that if one were able to change the categories adopted to describe the material production of cultural discourses, one would also succeed in interrupting the logic of sexual violence that those discourses transmit. In order to expose the gendered and historical conditions that give rise to texts, feminist scholars must appropriate paleography for their own ends. Jed's essay demonstrates that earlier ways of understanding humanism (as well as liberty, virtue, chastity, and so on) represent only part of the picture, and that other aspects come to be included in the field of vision only because of the efforts of feminist scholars and theorists of gender who study humanism.« (Source: Marilyn Migiel and Juliana Schiesari. »Introduction.« Refiguring Woman: Perspectives on Gender and the Italian Renaissance. Edited by Marilyn Migiel et al. Ithaca 1991: 9-10)


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