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Author: Tahira Jabeen

Title: Child Protection Data

Subtitle: An analysis of Newspapers Coverage of child protection issues in Pakistan

Journal: South Asian Studies: A Research Journal of South Asian Studies

Volume: 29

Issue: 1

Year: January-July 2014

Pages: 123-135

ISSN: 1026-678X – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 2309-4575 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century, 21st Century | Asian History: Pakistani History | Representations: Press; Types: Child Sexual Abuse


Link: University of the Punjab (Free Access)


Author: Tahira Jabeen, Department of Social Work, University of the Punjab

Abstract: »This article argues for the need of systematic data, not only for recognition of child protection issues, but also for formulation and implementation of policy and practice responses in Pakistan. Through a systematic review of the newspaper coverage of child protection issues over a period of 20 years, the actual and potential risks to children are highlighted, thus, providing a methodological justification to use newspapers coverage as a record of child protection problems. Further, with its focus on the language and content of the coverage, this article shows how representation of child protection issues in the print media reflect the existing reality on the one hand, and on the other may affect people’s perceptions of these issues.« (Source: South Asian Studies)


  Abstracts (p. 123)
  Introduction (p. 123)
  Section I – Demographics (p. 124)
  Section II – The need for systematic data (p. 125)
  Section III – Newspaper coverage of child protection issues in Pakistan (p. 126)
  The Role of expert individuals/officials (p. 133)
  Conclusion (p. 133)
  References (p. 133)
  Notes (p. 135)
  Biographical Note (p. 135)

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