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Author: Gazala Israr

Title: Mahesh Dattani's Thirty Days in September

Subtitle: Dealing with Incest

Journal: International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention

Volume: 3

Issue: 4

Year: April 2014

Pages: 1-4

ISSN: 2319-7714 – Find a Library: WordCat | eISSN: 2319-7722 – Find a Library: WordCat

Language: English

Keywords: 21st Century | Indian History | Representations: Literature / Mahesh Dattani

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Abstract: »It is the first Indian English drama on “incest”. Mala, the daughter of Shanta, is molested by her maternal uncle, Vinay. Whenever she endeavoured to tell her mother, she finds her busy in her worship of Lord Krishna or other household works. Mala blames her mother for the painful life she is living. Dattani uses the technique of dramatic monologue to give room to Mala’s anguish. She feels that only her mother could help her to prevent her agony. At last the bitter truth comes out when Shanta reveals that she too had been molested by the same person, her elder brother, Vinay. When she could not save herself how could she save Mala? Now Mala apprehends the meaning of her silence and both mother and daughter share their emotional, psychological, physical and social effect of child sexual abuse with creating mechanism.« (Source: International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention)

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