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Authors: Elvan Isikozlu and Ananda S. Millard

Title: Towards a Typology of Wartime Rape

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Place: Bonn

Publisher: Bonn International Center for Conversion

Year: September 2010

Pages: 86pp.

Series: Bonn International Center for Conversion Briefs 43

OCLC Number: 669791179 – Find a Library: WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: 20th Century, 21st Century | Types: Wartime Rape

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Authors: Elvan Isikozlu, Bonn International Center for Conversion


  List of Acronyms and Abbreviations (p. 4)
  Executive Summary (p. 5)
  Acknowledgments (p. 5)
  Introduction (p. 7)
  1 Methodology (p. 9)
    Phase I: Creating the Typology (p. 10)
      Literature review (p. 10)
      Case studies (p. 10)
      Selecting the interviewees (p. 10)
      Field research (p. 11)
      Data analysis (p. 12)
      Challenges (p. 12)
        Limited timeline / project duration (p. 12)
        Language (p. 12)
    Phase II: Refining the Typology (p. 12)
      Country case selection (p. 12)
      Challenges (p. 13)
  2 Review of Scholarly Literature on Rape and War (p. 15)
    The prevalence of wartime rape (p. 16)
    Explanations of wartime rape (p. 17)
      The meaning of wartime rape (p. 17)
      Factors that contribute to wartime rape (p. 18)
      The functions of wartime rape (p. 19)
    Consequences of wartime rape (p. 19)
    Gaps in the literature on wartime rape (p. 21)
  3 Developing a Typology of Wartime Rape (p. 24)
    What is wartime rape? (p. 25)
    Why develop a typology of wartime rape? (p. 25)
    The basis for designing a typology (p. 26)
    The interplay between themes (p. 28)
    The role and usefulness of this Typology (p. 28)
  4 The Founding Cases of the Typology (p. 30)
    The case of Bosnia and Herzegovina (p. 31)
    The case of El Salvador (p. 32)
  5 Review of Additional Country Cases (p. 35)
    Africa (p. 36)
      Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) (p. 36)
      Liberia (p. 37)
      Rwanda (p. 37)
      Sierra Leone (p. 38)
    Asia (p. 38)
      Cambodia (p. 38)
      Nepal (p. 38)
    Latin America (p. 39)
      Colombia (p. 39)
      Peru (p. 39)
    Oceania (p. 40)
      Papua New Guinea (PNG) / Bougainville (p. 40)
      Timor Leste (p. 40)
  6 Wartime Rape Against Civilians (p. 41)
    Category B: Rape perpetrated by an armed group or armed force against a member of the civilian population (p. 42)
      Type B-1: Rape by an ally (p. 42)
      Type B-2: Sexual slavery (p. 43)
      Type B-3: Rape as a military strategy (p. 49)
      Type B-4: Rape by a neighbor (p. 54)
      Type B-5: Rape camps (p. 55)
      Type B-6: Rape in detention (p. 57)
      Type B-7: Opportunistic rape (p. 59)
      Type B-8: Targeted rape (p. 61)
  Conclusions (p. 63)
  Annex I: Summary of types, consequences and implications (p. 66)
  Annex II: List of interviewees (p. 68)
  References and Bibliography (p. 70)

Description: »BICC brief 43 “Towards a Typology of wartime rape” aims at developing a typology of wartime rape as a first step toward understanding the different consequences of this form of violence in war. This typology is based on the examination of wartime rape in Bosnia and Herzegovina and El Salvador as well on a review of the literature on ten additional country cases of wartime rape (Cambodia, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Liberia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea/ Bougainville, Peru, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Timor Leste). BICC brief 43 is the result of a research project, which was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).« (Source: Bonn International Center for Conversion)

Wikipedia: Wartime sexual violence

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