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Author: Krishna Ignalaga

Title: Korean Comfort Women

Subtitle: -

Journal: Historia: A Journal of the Epsilon Mu Chapter, Phi Alpha Theta and the Eastern Illinois University History Department

Volume: 15

Issue: -

Year: 2006

Pages: 46-51

Language: English

Keywords: Modern History: 20th Century | Asian History: Japanese History, Korean History | Society: Redress Movement; Types: Forced Prostitution / "Comfort Women"; Types: Wartime Rape / Asia-Pacific War


Link: Eastern Illinois University (Free Access)



  Who Were The Comfort Women? (p. 47)
  Why Were So Many Comfort Women Korean? (p. 48)
  Why Were Women Used For Comfort? (p. 49)
  The Decades Long Silence and the Movement for Redress (p. 50)
  Conclusion (p. 51)

Wikipedia: History of Asia: History of Japan / Shōwa period; History of Korea / Korea under Japanese rule | Prostitution: Forced prostitution / Comfort women | Types of rape: Wartime sexual violence | War: Pacific War / Japanese war crimes