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Author: Thomas K. Hubbard

Title: Age of Consent in Historical and International Perspective

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In: The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies

Edited by: Nancy A. Naples

Place: Malden, MA

Publisher: Wiley Blackwell

Year: 2016 (Published online: April 21, 2016)


ISBN-13: 9781118663219 (online) – Find a Library: Wikipedia, WorldCat

Language: English

Keywords: Prosecution: Laws / Age of Consent


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Author: Thomas K. Hubbard, Department of Classics, University of Texas at Austin

Abstract: »The controlling concept behind “age of consent” or “statutory rape” laws is the assumption that young people below a certain age have insufficient judgment, psychological maturity, or powers of resistance to be able to give informed consent to sexual intimacy with another person. That so many young persons choose to explore their sexuality at ages below the legally mandated minimums problematizes the laws' effectiveness and wisdom in the eyes of many critics. Scholars of gender and sexuality are actively involved in the debates, weighing the utility of these laws for agendas of child protection versus the repressive effects of the laws in privileging parental or state control over adolescents' sexual self-determination and bodily autonomy. Although contemporary age of consent legislation does not distinguish on the basis of a young person's gender, this indifference was not the case historically.« (Source: Wiley Online Library)

Wikipedia: Law: Sex and the law / Age of consent